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Hi everyone! Is there anyone who can provide information on the accelerated BSN program at UMDNJ? I would like to know how durable is the program- the good, the bad and the ugly. What GPA is... Read More

  1. by   PhiladelphiaLove
    I haven't received any info about orientation except for my medical clearances. Hmm...
  2. by   iPink
    Phil: That's because you just got your acceptance letter. We had gotten our acceptance before October. You'll get your additional stuff in about a week or two.
  3. by   PhiladelphiaLove
    Ah ok, makes sense

    I'm most curious about how our schedules will be.
  4. by   iPink
    Paul: I just spoke with someone today regarding the TEAS. She informed me that your results aren't contingent on you staying in the program. It's required as a self-evaluation and to highlight any areas of weakness you may need to work on. If for some reason you flunk it badly, they don't kick you out, they'll just provide you with tutoring. Hope that eases your mind.
  5. by   Paulis5919
    yeah...I called this morning and they said the same thing. Now I'm just waiting for the book to arrive so I can start studying!... See you all there! Best of luck studying...

    BTW I was wondering did you order the full version of the TEAS book with online practice exam or only the study guide? Also I saw a few additions online...just wondering which one you have.
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  6. by   LynnMcFarlane
    Hope you'll stop by and meet me soon. I am in the Dean's suite on 11th floor.

  7. by   Paulis5919
    I just spoke to someone at the dean's office and the version that UMDNJ is using is 3.0/4.0 not the 5. Just in case anyone needs to order the book.
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  8. by   iPink
    @Lynn: I will be participating in NALC and I believe the program includes meeting the staff, so look forward in meeting with you.

    @Paulis: I have TEAS V, and sticking with it. I just have the study manual and you can still take the online practice assessment test via the ATI website.
  9. by   mgehm
    Hey everyone, just applied... got all my stuff in friday since some of my stuff was misplaced.

    Hopefully they have everything since I do not want to miss the deadline and I was sure to get everything in advance!

    How long did it take for you guys to hear back as to whether or not you got in?

    Keeping my fingers crossed, I've been working my butt off to get my prerequisites done!
  10. by   PhiladelphiaLove
    It took them two days to give me an answer. Good luck!!
  11. by   Paulis5919
    yeah I found out pretty quick too...I actually applied for the Fall 2010, they told me it was full and accepted me for the Spring 2011...A few days later they called back to ask if I could start in thr Fall but I had already made plans to start in Spring. Either way they are quick about it.... Best of Luck!
  12. by   PhiladelphiaLove
    Does anyone know what color our scrubs are going to be? I'm assuming white?
  13. by   PhiladelphiaLove
    Nevermind, I found out