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Hi everyone! Is there anyone who can provide information on the accelerated BSN program at UMDNJ? I would like to know how durable is the program- the good, the bad and the ugly. What GPA is... Read More

  1. by   Infinitee07_RN
    Quote from jerzytech
    This whole money situation is not new to the school, unfortunately it's been going on for a while. Just like any other nursing school, we could use more instructors, but thats a nationwide problem. I'm almost done with the program and I don't see any ways in which the legal situation has affected my education.
    i'll second that..i'll be done in dec 07 and the money situation does not affect fact it's my first time hearing about it..that shows you how busy school keeps me..
  2. by   dimple5
    I applied and was accepted for the BSN accelerated nursing program back in 2006, and I have to admit that I feel this program is very poorly run. I did half the program and decided to leave that's how bad I felt it was. The programs are very informative and you can learn alot, although, I feel the instructors who are nurses are not well educators, and don't treat their students well. I even had made a deposit to an instructor for a care packet for aprox. $150 I never got the packet or was even refunded the money they are poorly organized and unproffesional. Also their class sizes are pretty big so if you need help with anything it's an enormous struggle. I recommend this school only if you had no other option.
  3. by   rgirl
    Hey Dimple5! Have you continued with another program somewhere else? If so, where? What, specifically, about the UMDNJ program is poorly run? I've been accepted both to UMDNJ and NJCU and need to decide NOW! Lol. I'm trying to get as much info on the program as I can. Thank you!
  4. by   pennsylgirl
    Is anyone attending the informational session tomorrow night @ UMDNJ?
  5. by   scurves
    Is any one familiar with the PDA requirement? Can i use my smart Phone instead of buying a palm t/x?
  6. by   Lub-Dub
    Quote from edgwow
    I am graduating UMDNJ's program for RN_BSN in a few weeks. Most of the instructors are A+++ and you will learn a ton. You can just google, UMDNJ, they have been in the news lately. It does not have specifically anything to do in the School of nursing. If you are worrried about how solvent the program is, need not worry. They are 1 of the few, so they are well equipted. They have excellent combination of online classes and clinicals.The folks at the Stratford Library are amazing too. Just do a cost comparison and a location comparison. Best of luck!
    You mentioned "online courses" for the UMDNJ accelerated BSN-- can you tell me more? I visited one nursing school which I eventually found out had over half of their classes online, which made me rule out the school immediately. I'd much rather real in-class time. How many of the classes are actually online?
  7. by   Ethanpark
    Anyone currently in the Accelerated BSN program at UMDNJ? How is it going? what were your scores, gpa, academic/profession background?

  8. by   8packmurse
    I'm currently in the Summer cohort at UMDNJ Stratford. Just graduated from Rowan University this spring with a BS in Biological Sciences, 3.15 gpa. The program is very intense, however I've enjoyed the experience thus far.
  9. by   Hooter44
    Ethanpark- I am about to begin classes at UMDNJ for the accelerated BSN this Fall- I received my admit letter last week- undergrad BS gpa is 3.2, master's degree gpa 3.5, pre-req's retaken this past fall and spring was a 4.0. I have worked fifteen years as a college strength and conditioning coach, the last four years in a private business training athletes in Maryland and Virginia. Hope this sheds some light- BTW I was also admitted into Rutgers accelerated program, but was initially wait listed then admitted one week before their classes began and I had already made a commitment to teach this summer and NJCU denied me completely.
  10. by   LauraE
    Hey All,

    Was wondering if anyone currently in the Accelerated BSN program could help me out. I just sent my application out last week for the Fall semester! Pretty late...but I am still taking Micro right now. I would love it if anyone could tell me about the program. I spoke to someone this week and they said that classes began at 7am everyday! Is that true? She also said that she had a pretty awful clinical instructor that ruined the experience for her, but some of her friends had a great instructor. I've have heard mixed feedback about the program and the teachers at Newark, so would love any imput.

    Also, does anyone know anything about the 2 year 2nd degree program at Seton Hall in South Orange. I was accepted into that program. Besides the obvious cost difference, does anyone one have any feedback on this program? Is either program better than the other? Better teachers? Classes? Thank you Thank you!
  11. by   8packmurse
    I'm a level one student at Stratford I started this May. Not sure about the class time at Newark, but we start everyday at 8:30am. Our schedule is pretty much Tuesday, Weds, 8:30-5:00, and for me clinical Thursday 6:45am-12p. Its the luck of the draw as far as clinical instructors go. All of our instructors are pretty good and they all have different teaching styles. Some instructors may be difficult or a pain in the butt, get used to it or learn to adapt to it. Its expected that you will have to deal with BS from attendings, interns, residents and all other staff occasionally through out your career.
    The program is definately very difficult and a bit overwhelming, so make sure you have only school on your plate at the moment. Expect as far as level 1 is concerned, an exam every week, multiple group projects in all your classes, a few papers and presentations, and a lot of studying.

    As far as Seton Hall, don't really know anything about it. Most accelerated programs are the same as far as difficultly goes, the shorter the program (Drexel 9 months) the more difficult it is, as opposed to UMDNJ which is 15mos. If Seton Hall is 2yrs however, it may be a bit easier.
  12. by   JerseyGuy2
    YIKES....STAY AWAY from the Seton Hall Accel Program for several reasons! First, the COST, double the NJ-State supported UMD annual cost. NEVER worth the kind of money that Seton Hall (or another northern NJ private college, Fairly Ridiculous a/k/a Fairleigh Dickinson) charges! $60k a year, vs. $30k a year...for same degree, you do the math. Oh, second reason to STAY AWAY from Seton Hall....its Accelerated Program is a Master's Level graduate with a MSN as a "Clinical Nurse Leader". A LAUGH, and a HALF----to everyone except the Ivory Tower Academic Types (Deans, etc) and instructors teaching it. Now JUST THINK ABOUT IT....WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would hire a NEW RN, right out of school, with NO WORK EXPERIENCE and a Master's Degree to work on a hospital floor? No one would!!!! IS THE ANSWER!! Hospital hiring folks realize: "he/she won't stay". It's so IMPRACTICAL, it's almost laughable. Regular ol' ADNs and BSNs are having trouble in this job WHY would a hospital hire a MSN "Clinical Nurse Leader", with NO REAL EXPERIENCE? PLEASE don't waste your money----talk to RNs in the field, and most will tell you the same thing.
  13. by   iPink
    I don't know how many of you are still subscribers of this thread, but I just got my acceptance for UMDNJ for the Spring 2011. I know the program is intense, but not so intense that you can't make it to graduate? I know this thread is about 5 years old and don't know how much the curriculum has changed since then, but how's your experience.