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Hi everyone! Is there anyone who can provide information on the accelerated BSN program at UMDNJ? I would like to know how durable is the program- the good, the bad and the ugly. What GPA is... Read More

  1. by   8packmurse
    We have the same syllabi, curriculum and projects on both campuses. The only thing that is different are the professors and NCLEX rates (Stratford's is significantly higher).

    As far as textbooks I suppose it is all up to preference, but I assure you many of my classmates and myself do very well without reading the text. In my opinion its a waste of time to read 10 chapters of information for a test, when the notes which are a 1/3 of the size break down all the important information you need to know. You will however, need the work books for the textbook since those are turned in every once in awhile.
  2. by   bethieanne
    JazzyJJ - thanks for the list, I'll compare them with my list and let you know ASAP. If you could PM me your email address that would be great, as it still won't let me reply to messages.
  3. by   LynnMcFarlane
    Hello folks. If anyone is interested, feel free to "like" the official UMDNJ-School of Nursing page on Facebook. I try to post regular news updates there and welcome your contributions.

    Also, you can view fun photos of UMDNJ-SN's first ever stand-alone Pinning Ceremony held Dec. 16 on the Newark campus. The students and their families said they had a great time....

    Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year to all of our alumni, students and prospective students.

    from Lynn McFarlane, your friendly marketing communications lady
  4. by   bethieanne
    Is there a Facebook Group for The Spring 2011 ABSN Stratford Class?
  5. by   LynnMcFarlane
    Hello bethieanne. I have not created such a group. Would you like to create one? Let me know as I need to be involved somehow with any sites that use the UMDNJ-SN logo.
  6. by   goodtobenurse
    what do you mean of UMDNJ uses TEAS 4?
  7. by   iPink
    meaning they use version 4 and not the latest version, which is 5.
  8. by   goodtobenurse
    Did you take TEAS and writing tests? How was it?
    What should I study for TEAS?
    Thank you so much for clarifying my question!
  9. by   iPink
    When do you plan to take the TEAS?

    Yes I did writing and TEAS already. For writing, a score above 80% is good. For TEAS, the program average is 77%.
  10. by   goodtobenurse
    I don't know the date I am going to take the TEAS because I just got an acceptance letter for summer 2011. For writing, what kind of topic did they(UMNDJ) give to you? Can I just have an idea?
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  11. by   iPink
    Congrats! Which campus? It's not a topic it's an article that you read. Please don't stress. It's just testing where you are and what you may need to work on. All the best.
  12. by   goodtobenurse
    Thank you so much mzchas!
    Can I ask what kind of article was?
    I am not good at writing.. so I am worrying..
    I will go to Newark campus. What about you?
  13. by   iPink
    It's a health related article. Please don't ask me what's it about, because I don't remember. There are no journalists in my group, so quick stressing.

    Yes, I'm on Newark.