UMDNJ ABSN program Fall 2013 - page 3

Hello Everyone, I am a new member trying to get information about the UMDNJ ABSN program and thought the best and most accurate information would come from fellow students who have already... Read More

  1. by   Temmuz
    We are in the same boat. I also had all the prereqs for UMDNJ only. I really want to start in the fall to avoid any more classes that I would have to take and the sooner the better so we do not lose a few months until the next start date.
  2. by   Mama Nurse
    Ya. I'm nervous though because I took Basic Micro instead of the General Micro. Not sure if there's much of a difference though. At CCC, I'm pretty sure nursing students can use either. I tried getting a definite answer, but no one at UMDNJ was really able to help me. This waiting game is killing me! At least has helped with some of my impatience lol
  3. by   Temmuz
    I hope it doesn't cause a problem for you as it wasn't specified which micro they wanted. I would assume basic and general cover the same topics, don't stress about it. I also check allnurses everyday to keep myself busy . I am anxiously waiting for someone to post that they got accepted so we know the decisions are starting to go out.
  4. by   Mama Nurse
    Haas anyone heard anything about tuition changes due to the merger? Rutger's tuition i believe would be over $50,000 for the accelerated nursing program where UMDNJ's is closer to $30,000.
  5. by   blueyzz
    I just got my acceptance in the mail today for the Stratford campus for fall! Anybody else hear back yet?
  6. by   Temmuz
    Congratulations!!!! I am still waiting to hear back for the Newark campus. Hopefully soon!
  7. by   Temmuz
    blueyzz, out of curiosity what was your completion date of your application?
  8. by   88bukola
    Hello, I just received my acceptance letter to Stratford for the upcoming fall semester. I received it yesterday! Has anyone received their acceptance yet! Goodluck to everyone still waiting
  9. by   blueyzz
    temmuz, my application was completed on 6/1 and my gpa was calculated 3 days later. Congrats 88bukola! I just got my acceptance on Friday as well.
  10. by   Mama Nurse
    How do they make the decision the send out some over others first? The suspense is killing me!!! Lol
  11. by   Temmuz
    Tell me about it. It looks like Stratford letters are going out first. I hope we get something this week for Newark, I just want to know!
  12. by   Mama Nurse
    I applied to Stratford too though so now I'm really on edge lol
  13. by   Temmuz
    I see, I thought you were also waiting for the Newark campus. Nonetheless, waiting is hard. I hope you get a letter within a few days.