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Hello Everyone, I am a new member trying to get information about the UMDNJ ABSN program and thought the best and most accurate information would come from fellow students who have already... Read More

  1. by   Mama Nurse
    Hey everyone just wanted to say the deadline for the UMDNJ Accelerated Nursing Program for Fall 2013 is tomorrow so after that it's just a waiting game. If anyone hears back let me know!! I can't wait to find out! I started a separate thread too if you want to comment there!
  2. by   Temmuz
    Hello, yes the waiting game begins. I am excited and nervous, just want to know the decision as soon as possible. I finished my last two requirements two weeks ago and just got everything in. My completed date of the application is 5/31/13... just made it . I looked for the separate thread but couldn't find it. Good luck with everything.
  3. by   Mama Nurse
    I just realized that my post didn't actually post. I'm not sure why. But ya the same thing happened with me! My application was completed on May 30 and it was stressful waiting for those transcripts! haha Good luck with you too! I think we should hear within the next month-month and a half.
  4. by   bmillz
    Hi Temmuz, how do you know when your "completed date" is? I have designated my app, sent everything in and assumed it's completed, just wondering if NursingCas or UMDNJ will send you any sort of confirmation? Thanks!
  5. by   Temmuz
    Hey, you check your completed date on the designations page. You will see a submitted date and then a completed date on top. Once your transcripts are received and verified (GPA calculated) your application is complete. As far as I know you do not get a confirmation, just a decision once it is made. I hope we all hear from them sooner than later. Good Luck.
  6. by   Mama Nurse
    Ya same!! I heard some heard as early as June 16 while others had to wait until August! I really hope I don't have to wait until August I'll go crazy!! haha
  7. by   blueyzz
    I am also applying for the fall semester...I received an email yesterday from the school requesting a copy of my BLS certification, so I'm guessing that is confirmation that they have my application.
  8. by   Mama Nurse
    Hey blueyzz, did you submit your BLS certification during the application process at all? Every time I called to ask where I should submit it I got a different answer, so I wasn't sure where to submit it. I did put upload it onto my online application so hoping that's good enough.
  9. by   blueyzz
    I actually haven't taken the course yet, I'm registered to take it next week. When I got the email requesting a copy of the certification, I called and spoke with someone from admissions who said I can fax it to them once I get the certification. She said they don't need it right now to make an admissions decision, but if I get accepted, I will have to provide a copy of it to enter the program. Hopefully I was given the right information from the person I spoke with.
  10. by   Mama Nurse
    That's good at least! Which campus did you apply for, Newark or Stratford? Also have you heard anything about the merger? If we get in for the Fall 2013 I guess we're actually going to attend Rutgers instead of UMDNJ.
  11. by   blueyzz
    I applied to the Stratford campus, I live about 10 minutes from it so it's very convenient for me. I haven't heard much about about the merger
  12. by   Temmuz
    I also received an email asking for my BLS certification. I actually had mailed in a copy before I submitted my application but I went ahead and faxed it to the number they provided. Mama Nurse, uploading it onto the online application is actually quite clever I don't think you should have a problem. I heard that the merge takes effect starting July 1st and yes, although technically we will be in the UMDNJ program we will graduate with a Rutgers diploma.
  13. by   Mama Nurse
    Ya they did say that the BLS cert is not something that would hold up the admission process. I really hope I get in though. This is the only school I applied to because it's the only one that I had all the prereqs for. Everywhere else I would need like two more classes and, as I'm sure you guys know, is more time/money that I cannot waste on more schooling.