Transferring into either Saint Peter's University or FDU

  1. Hello I am a transfer student trying to get accepted into either the Saint Peters or FDU nursing program. I visited the campuses and they seem pretty nice. Can anyone give me some extra insight on the nursing programs at the schools?
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  3. by   DysrhythmiaRN11
    I am also trying to find information about these two schools. I am a nurse and graduated from Penn State. I am looking to start an APN or FNP program and would like to know how the schools are.
  4. by   helpers56
    Hello, did Any of you guys decide to go to Saint peters
  5. by   atehortuak37
    I'm currently a student at saint peters it's is a small program there is about 14 of us. The school makes us electives which are annoying -_- . The program is small but so far I like it.
  6. by   dmcglown
    Hello were you a transfer from a 2 yr college or did you just attend saint peters from the beginning, im considering going there as well
  7. by   helpers56
    @dmcglown I asked her that same question in a different post. I'm considering going there also. Have you taken your teas? Which other schools did you apply to
  8. by   atehortuak37
    Hey I am a transfer student. I came in with with a good amount of credits but still need to do some core for the actual university
  9. by   njnurseintraining
    @atehortuak37 I just applied to their rn to bsn program and I have some questions. How long will it take you and are you working while in the program? Do you think they have a good reputation? I am having a hard time choosing between Rowan and St Peter and online programs. Most people from my school are going to Grand Canyon and Chamberlain but I feel like its not the same as getting a degree from a brick and mortar school and they dont have a reputation in NJ.
  10. by   trackstar90220
    Hey guys. I didn't wind up going to either Saint Peters or FDU, but I am in the BSN program at Bloomfield college. If you have any questions about it I'm more than willing to answer them.
  11. by   SweetDream
    Trying to figure out how to pm you to learn more about the program
  12. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from SweetDream
    Trying to figure out how to pm you to learn more about the program
    You can't unless you upgrade your membership or until you have 15 quality posts. (Not "me too" posts)
  13. by   SweetDream
    Ooh ok lol thanks
  14. by   Futurenursequana
    I was accepted into bloomfield college too!! Congrats