Thomas Edison State College BSN graduates

  1. Just wondering if anyone has attended or is currently attending TESC's RN to BSN online program? I will be taking 2 classes there in January, and want to take 3 classes in each of the April and July term's. Doing this will allow me to graduate in September instead of December. I wanted to know from current/former students whether this was an insane plan. I work FT and have a family, but want to be done ASAP!
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  3. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    how is the program going for you? I'm finishing up my ASN and looking at BSN schoold. I like that they are military friendly as we are a military family. Hubby is looking into one of their degree programs as well. Is taking 2 courses at a time working well for you? Howlong will it take you to finish?
  4. by   smkiya
    Taking 2 classes is busy, but manageable. I added Statistics so I'll have 3 classes in the Spring. I won't finish until March 2012 because the last 2 classes must be taken in separate semesters after all other courses are completed. But I do like the classes.
  5. by   NJprisonrn
    i'm in my second semester at te. i'm taking 2 classes at a time. it can be a handful but it's manageable if you keep up on your weekly posts and assignments (usually an apa paper of some sort will be due every 3 weeks for each class). i wish that i had known that they only accept 80 transfer credits before i signed up. turns out that i have to take an additional 12 credits beyond the nursing courses. but they are still an affordable and decent school.
  6. by   smkiya
    They accepted all of my transfer credits. I only needed to take a math and their nursing courses. I started in January.
  7. by   NJprisonrn
    Really? Darn, I wonder what the deal is? I shall have to make a phone call! But in any event, I do feel that I'm learning from the classes. I just wish they were shorter.
  8. by   mjishernameo
    TESC only takes 80 credits from community college. They will take more from a 4 year school.
    Im in the informatics class now. Just started it, I think it will be fun. I havent had to write papers in a long time so I think that's going to be hard for me.
  9. by   Jershar
    Hello I'm hoping to take Nsg Informatics asap. Did you purchase the required books from the syllabus? Are they helpful? If you are done are you willing to sell them?
  10. by   Jershar
    Also FYI , there are APA websites that will format your papers as you create them. Big help if you haven't written a research paper for nursing in awhile.
  11. by   mjishernameo
    Thank you Jershar...My son (in college now) recomended the same site..I'll check it out.
    So far, Im really enjoying it. If I could take 2 or 3 classes I would but I dont qualify for student aid and cant afford more than one class at a time.
    I have the books, just bought them if anyone will be needing them when Im done, let me know.