Our Lady of Lourdes Nursing Program (Camden)

  1. I sent my application into OLOL (Camden) and I was wondering if anyone has attended this program in the past few years? I havent really found anything on the internet about this school and I was wondering if it is a good program or not. I have read that it was good 30 years ago... but how about now? I wanted to start Jan. 2012 but they already picked for that start date so I have my application in for August 2012. As of now that is my 1st choice in schools unless I hear that it's not a great program. I am very nervous about Nursing School to start with so it is important for me to hear about the program.
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  3. by   beautygirlsmom
    I applied for August 2012 as well. My cousin was a faculty member there 30 years ago LOL - but he did stay in touch with many of the people he worked with. He has tremendous respect for Dean Easterby, who was an instructor there when Jim taught there, and he has great admiration for the program.

    He teaches in the midwest now, but still very highly recommends Lourdes.

    Good luck! When do you expect to hear something? I'm so nervous, I can hardly stand it!
  4. by   Rach1981

    I dont know when I will hear something back. I hope that I will hear something back by this summer but who knows. When did you apply? How are your grades? How is your TEAS?

    My grades as of now are great. I have a 3.87 average. I am taking 6 classes this semester (the ones that count towards my associates for lourdes are A&P I lab/lecture, chem lab/lecture). I have been struggling this semester. I think that I am getting C's in those classes so far, but I am hoping to bring them up to a "B", by the end of the semester. I am taking A&P II this summer. My TEAS score was a 62. I might retake it... but I dont know. It really depends if I have the time to study between all the studying I have to do. The science section was soooo hard. haha. I took it with barely any chemistry or anatomy under my belt. I was happy to pass to the first time.

    Good luck to you!!! I hope that we both get in for the August 2012 class. I am a little older (I am turning 30 in a few months) so it would be great to try to make some friends on here ahead of time. SO HEY!!!
  5. by   beautygirlsmom
    I just got my application in the past week. I was delayed in taking my TEAS and wanted to make sure they had the grade. I got an 89 on my TEAS, but I am behind in my pre-reqs. I will have an Associates degree in May, but still need nearly all my sciences. I am in BIO I now at Camden County, and I've registered for A&P I first summer session; A&P II second session. I've got a 3.9 GPA, but I am praying for a B in bio - some of this seems way harder than it should be!

    I'm older even than you - 46!! I took prep for chemistry this semester to ease me in, but it's been a waste of time :-( I have 7 courses this semester, but most of them are the electives I needed for my degree.

    Nice to meet you! I hope we hear sooner then summer!!!

  6. by   Rach1981
    Hi Anna,

    My name is Rachael. You have a fantastic GPA and you did great on the TEAS. I froze. I didnt really study for it. I just wanted to get a passing score. I have more classes then I need. I changed my major. The only classes I have left that I need to take are A&P II, Nutrition, and Micro and I will done... well besides all the Nursing Courses. I also have some extra courses towards my BA. I hope that we both get in. I am applying to both OLOL and BCC. There arent really any other schools in the area for me to apply to at the moment. Good luck to you!!!
  7. by   Skeletor
    Anna and Rachael, good luck to yous.

    Some of my friends have graduated from OLOL's nursing program, and were satisfied with the training they have received.
  8. by   beautygirlsmom
    Thanks for the information! It's good to know :-)
  9. by   Rach1981
    Thats good to hear Skeletor. Thanks for letting us know. Are you applying?
  10. by   Skeletor
    Quote from beautygirlsmom
    Thanks for the information! It's good to know :-)
    You're quite welcome.

    Quote from Rach1981
    Thats good to hear Skeletor. Thanks for letting us know. Are you applying?
    No problem. OLOL's was one of the programs I researched when looking into local nursing programs; however, I decided upon another school. Pick up this book: http://www.amazon.com/Fundamentals-S...1712739&sr=8-9

    It is worth every dollar and penny. It prepares you to critically think, as is required in nursing.
  11. by   beautygirlsmom
    I guess the only concern left for me about OLOL is that it's only an associate's degree program. I have a feeling by the time I finish, you'll need a BSN to get a job as a nurse. It won't be that much longer to convert from RN to BSN, but I wish Lourdes offered a BSN!
  12. by   Rach1981
    Oh ok. I am going to go for my BSN as well.... when I am done at OLOL. I just need to start working. That is why I am going for my ASN first. But good luck to you.
  13. by   beautygirlsmom
    You too, Rachel! I hope we see each other on the first day of class next August!! Seems like a long time away.....
  14. by   Rach1981
    Yes it does. Seems soooo far away. I need to find a job in the mean time, make money... save money; so this way I dont have to work a full time job while I am in school. My unemployment is up soon. I hope that we are both there. I will let you know once I know something.