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  1. Anyone here attend or graduate Ocean County Community College? They boast that they graduate more nurses than any other community college in NJ.
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  3. by   WOLFE
    Ok ladies and gents...there must be someone out there that is currently in or applied for the nursing program..I have pm'd the poster and am trying to help with ehat info I have from five years ago...anyone else???????????
  4. by   WOLFE
    As I have stated earlier...I am not sure as far as "putting out" or graduating more students, but if you make it through the program NCLEX pass is about 99.9% on first try...
  5. by   Sandi0302
    I will be applying to the one day a week program at OCC.
  6. by   NurseHeather1
    I heard their pass rate is low! That was about 6 months ago that I heard that. Good luck!
  7. by   puglie
    I reciently went to OCC for the nursing program.
    It was a horrible experience. so I Dropped out and now am going else where.
    Hope it helps
    They really need to revamp that whole program
  8. by   janepearson
    What was it that turned you off?
  9. by   LilNurse2b143
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]I am currently a Nursing Student at OCC. I was iffy about it in the beginning being that it was "OCC" but I hear nothing but great things from their program. High NCLEX passing percentage as well as a good reputation for their program. So who knows, I'll state my honest opinion once I get through the program! :wink2:
  10. by   janepearson
    What was it that made you "iffy"?
  11. by   LilNurse2b143
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]It's just one of those stereotypes the college gets for being a "community" college. Example: It's a community college you'll never get a real job there, or I heard things like bad teachers and such. But from what I've heard about the Nursing program it seems to be a GREAT program for prospective nurses!
  12. by   Workinthroughit
    I am FIGHTING to get into their program. I have a date of completion 12/06. I have also gotten into LPN school for the fall and applied to Stockton college for their entry-level BSN program. Pug... was right, they do need to revamp their program. I have spoken to the Dean of the nursing program to get the answers to my questions about the rumors of how you get into the program and such. They change their minds all the time. Things are always changing. I did also speak to the Dean of Health there and he is a very nice guy to deal with. I am not in the program, but I have friends who are in the ODPW program and just started in January. They said its a very tough program and they are pretty nasty to you when you go into the office to ask them questions about the program. They seem to be very unprofessional and nasty whenever you call or go in person to get information or updates on their program. Part of me doesn't even want to get into their program because of how nasty they are. I think they know that for Ocean County, as far as Associate's Nursing programs they are the only option and they know that. They are like a monopoly of sorts and it makes me sick! We pay their salaries so that we can get treated like dirt and they can throw us around. If there is one thing I have learned its that you must be your own advocate especially if you want to be a nursing student at OCC. Sorry for the rant and rave...I am just curious to see how many other people have had a similar experience.
  13. by   LilNurse2b143
    I agree they do need to maintain a steady program and curriculum. I finally got in this January (night classes). I finished all my pre-reqs and had to wait only a year since then to get in. My first night of class there people were discussing how long it took them to get in and it was anywhere from 4 years to right in. The one girl who got right in after high school said she put in her letter of interest into the program when she was a junior in h.s..but Im still trying to figure out how that worked she got right in being that she's still missing pre-req classes that the school had specifically said needed to be taken before entering the program! But from my personal experience so far with the staff has been a breeze. No problems at all. I've been to the school nurse, and the faculty in the nursing building and admin. building. I guess I haven't caught them at a bad time but they've all been very nice and informative to me. I do hear things about people having bad experiences but I just never witnessed it..yet anyways. I must say the program is vigorous and you get tons of material thrown at you..example: 14 chapters on the 1st test only being day 8 of class. And double that for the 2nd test. In the meantime we have Practicums and ATI testing we need to get done. It's crazy! But people are doing it and people are always telling me they have one of the best programs in the state. (hard to believe) But Im always hearing it. Good luck in the future with whatever you chose to do!
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  14. by   slurgee
    I Just graduated from OCC One day a week online program in December. I graduated with the first class to go through the program, and to day 14 out of 14 of us have passed the NCLEX on the first try. It was a really hard program and took a lot of discipline and a strong study group to get through it. If anyone has any specific questions feel free to ask.