Need Help with reinstating NJ License

  1. hello everyone,

    :imbar ok ive got questions i hope anyone of you can answer.

    my mom's NJ RN license expired in 1996, moved to TX in '94 and have been employed here since. now she'd like to reinstate her NJ license and was wondering the proper steps to do it.

    we were looking at the NJ website regarding reinstatement of the license and it stated that she had to show proof of competency which said that she had to pass the exam. does she need to retake the NCLEX since it's been over 5 years? AGAIN?!

    thanks, please get back to us.
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  3. by   rn/writer
    Your best bet is to call the NJ Board of Nursing and ask them directly.

    Hope your mom is able to do what she wants.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    nj: reinstatement of licensure 2006 shows info about a lapsed license:
    lapsed license = licensee who did not submit relicensure application and fees to maintian active license within 30 days after license expiration date. karen

    [font=arial-boldmt][font=arial-boldmt][font=arial-boldmt][font=arial-boldmt]proof of competency:
    [font=arial-boldmt](1) a person seeking reinstatement after more than five years following the[font=arial-boldmt]
    expiration date of a license shall meet all the requirements for reinstatement. the licensee shall fullfill all eligibility requirements found at n.j.a.c. 13:37-2.1.

    every licensee shall pass either the national council licensure examination for registered nurse (nclex-rn) or the national council licensure examination for practical nurses (nclex-lpn). please contact the new jersey board of nursing reinstatement staff members gerard tobia at (973) 424-8171 or sameerah bond at (973) 273-8030 for support with this process.
    (2) if applicable, satisfactory proof that the applicant has maintained proficiency by completing the continuing education hours or credits required for the renewal of an active license or certificate of registration or certification.

    info about reactivation of inactive license:
    linactive license = licensee who notified bon choosing not to maintain active nj license as no longer practicing nursing, retired, moved out of state, etc. karen
    (i) a licensee who elected inactive status and has been on inactive status for five years or less may be reinstated by the board upon submission of the following:
    1. a completed reactivation application;
    2. evidence of completion of the continuing education hours required pursuant to n.j.a.c. 13:37-5.3 for the renewal of a license, within the immediately preceding two years;
    3. an affidavit of employment listing each job held during the period the licensee was on inactive status, which includes the name, address, and telephone number of each employer; and
    4. one of the following renewal fees:
    i. for licensees who did not pay the inactive renewal fee, the active renewal fee set forth in n.j.a.c. 13:37-5.5(a)6i; or
    ii. for licensees who paid the inactive renewal fee, the difference between the amount paid for inactive renewal set forth in n.j.a.c. 13:37-5.5(a)6ii and the active renewal fee set forth in n.j.a.c. 13:37-5.5(a)6i.
    (j) a licensee who has been on inactive status for more than five years who wishes to return to the practice of nursing shall reapply for licensure. the applicant shall fulfill all of the initial licensure requirements found at n.j.a.c. 13:37-2.1.

    please call the published bon contacts listed above for assistance. it may be that if one has an active license in another state, has had continuous nursing practice with minimum # hours in another state, has continuing ed hrs, nclex passage may not apply.... let us know outcome.

    even though i no longer provide iv homecare in nj, have kept my nj license active since i do accept verbal orders from nj physicians for pa home care patients...... just renewed last month and so much easier to keep license active.

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  5. by   coppertopRN
    I let my Jersey lapse while I was working in Pensy and the one thing I learned was not to EVER let that happen again. I pay 'em both even if I'm only working in one. Reinstatement was a pain in the arsenel! It has been awhile since I had to do it, but I'll pass on what I remember.

    For starters, you have to have a valid Jersey driver's license. To get that, you need Jersey's famous "Points of Identification". I think it is 9 items. I had to contact Nebraska for an official copy of my birth certificate and I even had to contact the authorities is Ohio for a copy of my marriage certificate to explain why my birth certificate name was different than the name on everything else! If I had been married more than once, I would have needed each divorce decree and each new marriage certificate. I think its easier if you have a passport because you need all of those things to get the passport in the first place.

    Jersey also requires electronic fingerprints done at their own agent locations. I think that was either $20 or $40 on top of the license and reinstatement fee. All totaled I think it was over $200 but don't quote me, it has been awhile.
  6. by   linda1959
    If she has had an active Texas license, first you need to look into reinstatement from that perspective, because she has been practicing.

    If she does not have a license elsewhere, it's a whole other story, which I will share with you if that is the route you have to take. My license was expired ( I didn't renew, and didn't notify the BON) and I did not have to retake the NCLEX. But it did require a specific and lengthy process to have my license renewed.

    A word of advice - I spent three weeks trying to reach Mr. Tobia last year. After an initial call and message left, I would give him 2-3 days to get back, then call or email every day until you get him. He's helpful, but getting that response requires perseverance.