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Hi All, This is my first time starting a Thread on this site, and second time posting in general. I Start CNA/ phlebotomy Program on monday :yelclap: {which is about 2 months long} and plan to... Read More

  1. by   Blessedmom10
    Hey everybody, i am also very late to this site, here is a good school but very intense program that i heard about in brooklyn

    Brooklyn Adult Learning Center
    475 Nostrand Avenue, Room 112
    Brooklyn, NY 11216
    Telephone: 718-398-7668
  2. by   Blessedmom10
    also check out this info about the program i posted up
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  3. by   Blessedmom10
    And to study for any of these entrance exams i recommend this book it is excellent thats how i passed one of my entrance exams----"Master the Nursing School and Allied Health Entrance Examinations" its by Arco and it is 17th edition
  4. by   msenaone
    please can you tell me the names of LPN school in NY , NJ accredited?
  5. by   kiki172
    Merit is in fact profit focus but honestly which school isnt? I paid my tuition out of pocket and I graduated from Merit. The boards exam was a piece of cake, and everyone that took the boards from my class passed on their first try. Along the way i saw many students dropping out and complaining that the school was awful but what do you expect if you dont want to work hard. Everyone that stayed is now an LPN and those that dropped out are still unemployed and complaining! If you want to make it... they offer a way but you have to do your part and as far as the tuition cost is a small price compared to what you will gain.