Felician's fast track RN-BSN program

  1. hi all,

    has anyone ever attended felician's program fast track for rn-bsn? especially one that was taught at a hospital for the one day a week. but any info about this program i definitely would appreciate. going to an open house for the program next week for a potential start at st. barnabas in livingston. east orange general hospital & monmouth medical have had the program with felician for a few years.

    thanks for any input!!

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  3. by   RN0429
    Hey Jenne223,

    I am actually in the program since Sept of last year. I attend the main campus in Lodi, not sure how the programs work at the hosp facilities, I'm sure the core curriculum is the same. I LOVE the program, since your at school only one day a week it allows you to have time for work, family and your school assignments. The program is fast pace, so you need to be prepared for the work ahead of you and the many papers you will be writing. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone. Hope this helps! Good Luck...
  4. by   jenne223
    I'll find out on Friday. They are having an open house at St. Barnabas. It's runner up in my choices right now.
  5. by   strytellerchayka
    I'm on the Lodi campus and I love it!
  6. by   ARickli
    I'm applying to the program this year, with the hope that I will start next year. What's your favorite part about the program? The class schedule? The instructors? The students?

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