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I was hoping if anyone went to Center of Allied Health and Nursing Education in Hackensack, NJ and if so I need to know about the Exit Exam. I failed the exit exam just took a few days ago with an... Read More

  1. by   RN_Moe960
    Thank you for your comment. I will definitely look into it. Good Luck
  2. by   supersage
    Hey, good luck. I have my entrance exam tomorrow and I'm looking to start in June.
  3. by   qween03
    Hey am sure u'll be fine. its not hard at all. But get ready to have sleepless
  4. by   supersage
    Thanks, lol. I went and saw Lincoln Tech but I didn't like it at all. It seems like it's run like a business and not a school.
  5. by   Brother Gerard
    Quote from supersage
    Hey, good luck. I have my entrance exam tomorrow and I'm looking to start in June.
    I have a question about commuting to Center for Allied Nursing in Hackensack, New Jersey.
    I plan to commute via New York City subway, from Rockaway Beach, Queens on the A train
    to the 175th street station in Washington Heights, Manhattan. This leg of the journey will
    take about one and a half to two hours as the A runs as a local train until 06:00. There is
    a New Jersey Transit Bus Terminal connected to the 175th street subway station at which
    one can take a 19 minute ride to the school.

    The LPN course, day session, starts at 07:30 and ends at 16:00 hours.

    My question is about the traffic from the school across the George Washington Bridge at 16:00 hours.
    I hear about frequent delays on the GWB, every afternoon from the local traffic reports. Some
    delays inbound to Manhattan can be as much as an hour. Has any one dealt with the NJT
    178 and 182 buses from Hackensack to the NJT terminal at 175th street bus terminal?

    I do have a car but, the tolls, gas and driving fatigue are issues with which I would only want
    to encounter when necessary for a distant clinical rotation site.
    This is an arduous commute any way one slices it, but the travelling can be ideal study time.

    Any input from current or past students would be appreciated.
  6. by   jaelaalice
    hi I want to know about admission test. what is about and it is hard??? thank you. I planing to apply but I want to know about the test first.
  7. by   supersage

    they will give you come practice tests to study with. It's mostly math and reading comprehension so if you can brush up on it, then you should be fine. Good luck!
  8. by   JS1979LPN
    I just finished that school and passed my exit. Dont go there it was not a good experience at all. People cant pass the exit and many people got thrown out for failing classes. They dont care about people only your money. What they dont tell you is that they now have people who graduated in nov 09 and only half of the class passed the exit as wll as dec 09 and now march 10 class.Thats like 140 people for 3 classes and maybe 50 people passed. No exit no diploma!!!! I would not even recomend that school to my worst enemy. I did graduate but it cost me deerly and i dont mean money. They killed my will to go back to school!!!!!
  9. by   supersage
    What's on the exit exam?
  10. by   JS1979LPN
    Everything that you learned during the year. I had to buy a set of books fron the ATI and study on my own to pass the test because i did not think that the school prepared me for the exit that they gave us. The review for the exit was 4 days and it was horrible and i got nothing from it. No exit no diploma!!! I dont know one person from my group who has a nice thing to say about that school.
  11. by   Donald11
    I was thinking of visiting the school but have decided not to after finding that they have a lower than average NCLEX pass rate (73.42% for 2007). Anyone know anything about Metropolitan Learning Institute in Jersey City?
  12. by   JS1979LPN
    They lie about the pass rate. They told us the rate was in the 90's. Good luck
  13. by   Donald11
    Quote from JS1979
    They lie about the pass rate. They told us the rate was in the 90's. Good luck
    Who lies? Metropolitan LEarning Institue or Center for Allied Health? Because I cannot find any info on MLI's pass rate since their LPN program is very new.