At what point can I no longer work as an ED tech?

  1. Hello everyone! I recently took my NCLEX and passed. I was told that it would be a minimum of 2-4 weeks before i received my license number and 4-6 weeks before receiving a physical license. I guess I'm lucky because I received my license number less than 24 hours after completing my exam. I have asked many people and no oine can give me a definitive answer as to when I am not longer allowed to work as an ED tech. I have been told anything from when you find out that you passed, when you get your license number, when you receive your physical license and when you get a job as a nurse. My job has been giving me the run around. The first answer I got was once a license number has been issued, I can no longer work as a tech. Then when I said that I had received my license number they said "I think you can work until you receive your physical license". Does anyone know what the true answer is? I do not want to go to work and put my license on the line. I worked to hard to get this license to loose it over a tech job.
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  3. by   oceanblue52
    Perhaps this varies state to state. But I don't understand what a physical license is, and why you would need that to practice nursing. Once you have a number shouldn't you be good to practice? That is all that should be needed to verify that you are licensed.
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Once you have the number you are legally able to work as a nurse. Consult HR regarding system policies whether you can continue as a tech
  5. by   Julius Seizure
    Some states do not even issue physical licenses, so that is definitely not the correct answer. If you have a license #, you are an RN. It is up to your hospital policy if you can still work as a tech.
  6. by   emily34812
    That's up to hospital policy. At my place you have two weeks to hand in your license number to HR so that's how long you have after you pass.
  7. by   elkpark
    Are you looking for a nursing job? It's likely that, at some point, your current employer is going to suddenly tell you you can't work as a tech any longer, and you're likely to not get much notice about that. I would be working hard to find an RN position.