Anyone attend Muhlenberg SON in Plainfield?

  1. I recently attended Muhlenberg School of Nursing during the 2005 year. I have spoken with several former students who had problems either with the staff or school. I see that I am not alone!! I am seeking to find other students to share my story with and to hear about theirs. Please, feel free to contact me at the following email address and I will be very willing to talk to you about my situation. I am curious to hear other student's experiences as there appears to be many similarities among them. I can be reached at Thank You!
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  3. by   DD-RN
    What was the problem there? Did you leave the program? Or graduate?
  4. by   Mdizzel
    This time of the yr is always tough. I know about muh my clinical instructor @ Trinitas is a FT there. It is the same stories wid trinitas, same attrition rate
  5. by   StepSta
    I graduated from that school. YES, there were some issues, from the staff to the instructors, to the hosp where we did our clinicals to graduation day!What kind of problems did you face? Miscommunictaion? The people?

    Overall, I would tell others who want to go into nursing about MRMC!
  6. by   nurselawre
    I am currently attending (currently in Clinical I). Yes, it is tough, but then nursing school is meant to be tough, in preparation for the real world of nursing. I know I have my good and bad days. I can only speak for CLinical I, but so far (only 6 weeks left) the instructors have been supportive and give extra help if you are confused about a subject/topic. If you felt you were treated unfair, did you speak with your instructors or the Dean? She seems very helpful.
  7. by   happy4me
    I am currently trying to enroll in Muhlenberg in Plainfield. I am trying to get help with what's on the nursing entrance test (NET). I also would like to know more about the school. What seems to be the issues of concern at this school. Please help me!
  8. by   jessicaj
    lawrela06...-- are you in the day program this semester that just ended because i just finished nursing 121 and i am in the night program
  9. by   undecided
    I attended that school last year . Graduated this year in NUclear Medicine. It was a terrible school and I would not recommend it to anyone. The Dean tryed to cover up alot of bad things that were going on with the program. We went 9 months without a program director and the program almost was dissolved. I have no respect for the way that school is run.
  10. by   jms79
    I was thinking about going to that school but I applied to trinitas. Im not sure if I made the wrong choice or I should try for Muhlenberg. Please help
  11. by   nurselawre
    It is all on who you talk to regarding feelings about MSN. Some people hate it (youll see the posts), some love it. You can find faults I think with any school you attend. This was the school I picked (mainly because of location), and I have found the teachers to be excellent. The exams are extremely hard , which weeds out a lot of people (For example, my there were 97 in NURM119, when we started NURM121, there were 30, and out of those 30, 25 went on to NURM122) But for those of us that make it, it only prepares us better for NCLEX. We just moved into the new school with bigger classrooms, bigger skills lab, and new computers in the computer lab, so that is kewl. I know that we had 3 students transfer in at the beginning of 122 from Trinitas. I did not ask them why they changed schools.

    It is a decision that you and only you can make unfortunately. I wish you the best!
  12. by   sh_eany
    I am about to send a application to mulenberg, but i know a few people that attend that school that say they would not recommend that school ,yet they were transfered from trinitas and did not had anything good to say. I am confused?
  13. by   nurselawre
    I loved that school.....graduated in Jan 2007.....they are tough but you come out well prepared to handle being a first year nurse.
  14. by   cardiacsurgeryrn
    i went to school there. hospitals love muhlenburg grads.. if u make it. seriously that program was the most stressful of my life.. BUT its work it. 100% of my class passed the nclex first time around.