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Does anybody attend the accelerated BSN program in NJCU? If so what is the cost of the program? How competative is it to get in? Will they accept you if your overall GPA is lower than a 3.0 but you... Read More

  1. by   2011gradbsn

    Did you receive the email, prior to your decision letter? Maybe this will help clear up some things for everyone if you did/didn't get the email and your decision......
  2. by   woodse
    No, I didn't get in and I did not receive the e-mail. The people I know that did receive the e-mail were accepted to the program. I don't know for certain but, it seems if you did not get the e-mail you may not have been accepted. Good Luck!
  3. by   Ethanpark
    Anyone currently in the Accelerated BSN program at NJCU? How is it going? what were your scores, gpa, academic/profession background?

    I second the last question.. how similar is the NLN to the HESI? Is the material the same? If you prep for one will you be equally prepared for the other?

  4. by   captaincrunch

    I also got the email when I responded to the request to acknowledge it, I didn't want to push the envelope and ask if it meant we were in.

    Did anybody hear if this is true?
  5. by   2011gradbsn

    I also got the email and when I called (because I couldn't physically return the form since I'm not in the U.S. currently) I ended up finding out that I was accepted.... it seems as if the email has been the indicator as to whether you were accepted or not.

    Someone asked about GPAs and scores for those in the program. While I haven't started it yet, I can say that I was accepted with a 2.83 undergrad (I explained it thoroughly in a letter why it was that low) a 3.9 in pre-reqs and an 85 on the HESI.... hope this helps.
  6. by   NYcDcG
    Quote from Aly1025
    Hello Everyone!

    I also received an email yesterday and the dean told me we should be hearing from them next week! I had a couple of questions for those of you who graduated from NJCU Accelerated BSN....

    Do you know what the NCLEX passing rate is?
    Do you feel well prepared for the NCLEX ?
    Was it hard for you to find a job after you completed the program???
    What clinical sites did NJCU use?

    Sorry for all the questions! I hope someone can answer them for me!

    Good luck to you all!

    Hi, Congrats to those of you that were accepted!
    For those that weren't, I try to look at things like that as "meant to be" and something better will come... (((hugs)))

    Our professor told us that last year for NJCU the 1st time passing rate was 90.53% Keep in mind that this was last year, and the NCLEX has been changed as of April 2010. We don't have any information as to the pass rate on the new test yet.

    As long as you study hard, pay attention in class, take good notes, hard you should be OK. I don't necessarily feel prepared because I don't know what to expect. I am worried about it though! I'll let you know after I take it .

    We had a recruiter from a local hospital come speak to us our last week of classes and because of the economy being as it is, a lot of hospitals are having budget issues and such. We were told to keep an open mind and not to box ourselves into one particular position or hospital because we might not get it. Since I haven't taken the NCLEX to become licensed yet I do not have a job yet.

    As far as clinicals go...once again, we were down here in Wall Township (Monmouth County) NJ so your clinical sites will be different. But anyway we were at:
    *Meridian Rehab at Wall (Gero)
    *Jersey Shore University Medical Center (Adult Health 1 & 2, and Psych)
    *Community Medical Center (OB, and Adult Health 1 & 2)
    *Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (Peds) <<--- I think you guys will be using this one since it is close to J. City
    *Shoreline (Psych)

    I hope that answers your questions. Did I forget anything? Once again, congrats and good luck!!!
  7. by   candi12
    I also recieved an email, just so anxious to find out if I was accepted.
  8. by   Aly1025

    Thank you very much for this information!!! I had no idea they had changed the NCLEX exam! I wish you luck, I'm sure you will do great! When do you plan to take it? Please keep us updated!

    Did any of your classmates get kicked out of the program because it was too difficult for them etc?

    Again thank you for all the info!!!!
  9. by   NYcDcG
    No, nobody got kicked out. However, we started with 27 and lost 2. One went to pharmacy school (her dream, she only started at NJCU until she got accepted), the other left because he preferred to take a more holistic approach.
  10. by   sundrop
    Hey did anyone fill out their fasfa just in case you're accepted into the program?
  11. by   captaincrunch
    anyone hear any news yet?
  12. by   NJEMT87
    no i keep running to the mailbox everyday like an idiot!! lol
  13. by   captaincrunch
    lmao, me too