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Does anybody attend the accelerated BSN program in NJCU? If so what is the cost of the program? How competative is it to get in? Will they accept you if your overall GPA is lower than a 3.0 but you... Read More

  1. by   burtonRIDE
    It already does seem like the administrative office is unorganized. They make it seem like the decision letters are being held back because we did return all of the proper information back to them. But, they never gave us this Unemployment waiver confirmation form until yesterday. That is a bit annoying.

    I find it kind of strange that they are holding back the decision letters until they receive this form back. It seems as if one's response to the form will also be a deciding factor on whether or not that person is accepted. My speculation is that if you state that you will use or need a tuition waiver, you might jeopardize your acceptance. Maybe the people they know who can pay out of pocket will have priority over those that need a waiver. I honestly do not know if they have every right to do this or not. However, if my speculation is correct it seems like an unjust disadvantage for someone that really needs that tuition waiver. I am fortunate enough to be able to pay for tuition, I just feel for those who are not.

    Please keep in mind that this all speculation. I just cannot think of any other reason why they would not inform anyone of their status if the decisions have already been made.
  2. by   2011gradbsn
    I think the administration, until this point, has actually been quite helpful and organized in the manner in which they have carried everything out. I do understand what you're saying but I don't think they will be weeding people out just because they need a waiver. An unemployment waiver doesn't even allow someone to register until about 3-4 before classes begin and I think they sent this form out now, not because they are unorganized, but because they are trying to decipher how students, who are heavily being considered for admission at this point are planning to pay for tuition... or maybe they didn't even have the form until this point. Fortunately, I am able to pay for this through loans and other help, but I think that if anything, as someone from the department told me, they just want to make arrangements ahead of time for people who need to use a waiver for tuition just because of how that type of program works (for anyone who doesn't know an unemployment tuition waiver is some sort of program where ppl that have been laid of get to have the govn't pay for school while they're unemployed).... this is just my two sense but I know that before I was asked how I would respond to the form I was told about the status of my application, so in the event that I was going to use a waiver, its not like they would have taken back my decision of admission...
  3. by   2011gradbsn
    Also, I wanted to correct my post from yesterday when I said they were holding out on sending decisions until they received back the forms.... maybe this what Whistler was referring to.... I was told admissions decisions were already made and they wanted to finish the entire process before sending stuff out. I'm thinking this includes the forms, but I doubt the answers we give back on the forms will jeopardize their chances of going so if anyone out there is using a waiver..... don't be scared to respond and state that......
  4. by   mgomez
    Well, since I didn't get the email.. I am thinking that I didn't get in so I will try just to enjoy my long weekend lol. :/
  5. by   sundrop
    I received the email yesterday and will be sending my form back today. I don't understand NJCU waiting for the form to send out decisions. Did they originally include the certification form with the application? If we are accepted I'm figuring this is a way to open up spots if someone does not respond. Hopefully we got in but who knows. Whistler did you get an email? I wish everyone good luck!!
  6. by   Aly1025
    Hello Everyone!

    I also received an email yesterday and the dean told me we should be hearing from them next week! I had a couple of questions for those of you who graduated from NJCU Accelerated BSN....

    Do you know what the NCLEX passing rate is?
    Do you feel well prepared for the NCLEX ?
    Was it hard for you to find a job after you completed the program???
    What clinical sites did NJCU use?

    Sorry for all the questions! I hope someone can answer them for me!

    Good luck to you all!
  7. by   anbnursing

    when you spoke to the dean she didnt tell you whether or not you got in or if that letter meant you were in. I just am trying to figure out if that is an indicator of people getting in or not.
  8. by   Aly1025

    No, she did not. All she said was that the waiver document was missing from a number of applications. I am not sure if those of us who received the email are in or not...
  9. by   2011gradbsn
    The application did not contain the certification form when we filled it out ....sorry for confusing people I didn't mean to get ppl even more anxious than they already were so I apologize.... Hopefully it will all work out but I guess all that's left now is to wait until next week...
  10. by   Aly1025

    Thanks for sharing this info. Would you happen to know what the NCLEX passing rate is for NJCU? Do you feel the program prepared you well? If you do not mind me asking, have you been able to find a job yet?
  11. by   woodse
    I received my decision letter yesterday. So, they have been sent out.
  12. by   sundrop
    Woodse...did you get in?
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  13. by   sundrop
    Woodse did you get in?