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Does anybody attend the accelerated BSN program in NJCU? If so what is the cost of the program? How competative is it to get in? Will they accept you if your overall GPA is lower than a 3.0 but you... Read More

  1. by   A.Manning
    As far as the HESI entrance... it's a joke of an exam... VERY basic knowledge... it does cost money to take, but as far as studying, just review the basics and you should be ok.

    NJCU is the quickest and cheapest program in NJ (I believe it is still the least expensive at least). I'm in it now, and it had an unorganized feel to it at first, but from what I've heard many other programs that have been around for much longer are the same. The education is good although there are some classes that are quite boring... but they need to be taken! In fact I just realized that for many Master's degrees in nursing you need to have taken a Nursing Research course... of course while I was in the class I couldn't fathom why we needed to take it. Besides For the most part, these boring classes are easy A's.... get that GPA up! But the core classes do a good job teaching the material.

    Another point to make is that nurses right out of nursing school never feel prepared for the job... I've heard this from everyone I've asked. Once you are accepted into a position you get an extensive orientation and a predecessor and this is where you will learn everything. The BSN program gets you the knowledge you need to pass the NCLEX... and the NCLEX is an exam to determine if you have the BASIC knowledge to practice safely.

    You wanna have a BSN in a year and already have a bachelors, hit these accelerated programs. NJCU will prolly be the easiest to get into. it's the newest and not many know about it. Get the basic knowledge, take the NCLEX, then get a job where you will truely learn how to be a nurse.
  2. by   lovingcare84
    A. Manning,
    I'm applying for this May's program and I had a few questions for you. So I'm going crazy trying to see if what I have will be good enough to be excepted. Is it true that only about 26 students are excepted into the Wall Twp. program??!. I took the Hesi today.. didn't do great so I'm going to try and take it again before the deadline. Did great on Math and all the english stuff, but the bio and chem killed me. What did you study from for those sections? You mentioned that this may be one of the easiest programs to get into..u still think the same?! and how are you making out now that your in? Hope to hear back from you soon..this is nerve wrecking!.
  3. by   A.Manning
    I got the HESI entrance book and studied chem and bio straight out of that. That was enough... and also I had just finished micro and A+P like... a month prior so I remembered most of it. My only thought about this program being easier to get into than some doesn't mean people don't get rejected... but with the economy the way it is, not many people are willing to leave other jobs to start a year of zero earnings... so the candidate pool isn't as large as it would have been some years ago. And yes, our class when we started was only 27. Study up on your chem and bio and just apply! Once you're in, there's a lot of work but it is very doable. Just make sure you stay on top of things because the assignments sneak up on you quickly at the end of the semester.
    Good luck!
  4. by   ktv80
    a. manning,
    have you completed the program already? i have decided to apply to njcu at wall, for this year to which i have applied however, i have not taken the hesi due to the snow cancellation. i will be taking it this week... a bit worried but i have been studying for the past month. so, i hope and pray that i get a wonderful score. any advice on hesi testing and the program itself? thanks... take care
  5. by   NYcDcG
    Hi KTV,

    I'm also in the program. We won't finish until May.
    How long has it been since you completed your pre-reqs (Chem, A&P, Micro, etc)? If you just completed them, the test won't be that hard. If it has been a while, or if you just want extra help, I would suggest buying a HESI entrance exam book and using that to study. They come with practice exam questions. The deadline to take it is Friday for the Wall campus (or April 15 for Jersey City), so I'm not sure you will have time for all of that. If you've been studying all month, you should do fine, don't stress yourself out about it!
  6. by   ktv80

    Thanks for the pep talk. I took my AP1/Micro (Spring 09) and AP2/Chem (Fall 09) semester. So, the material is fresh, I know I should not worry. Yes, I did buy the HESI study guide . I am taking my test tomorrow.

    So far how are the professors, coursework and school adminstration?

    Well, good luck and CONGRATS to you for this comming MAY!!!!!
  7. by   newnurse2011
    heyy ktv i am looking in to apply for the NJCU accelerated program from the Sept term. I am looking forward applying for the Jersey City Campus. How was the HESI exam? ok please let me know how everything went!! good luck with everything! my email is mallick26 @ gmail . com
  8. by   mgomez
    Hello everybody,

    I'm going to apply for September 2010, I already took the HESI but I didn't do that well so I want to take it again.. Please do you know if I have to pay again or not.. it is expensive.. so Please let me know and thanks for your help.. Ohh and what do I have to do to retake the test???..
    Thanks for your help and Good luck to everybody!!
  9. by   aspiring_nursing
    I have to take the HESI soon, and I didnt know I would have to take it that soon, by april 15. I have so much work at my school right now that I just cant focus. So the practice book is so expensice about $40 . anyone around hackensack that I can purchase it from? Also i have not even taken Chem, but i took some in HS, guys think that just by studying i will be able to do well? I took the GRE for PACE and it was not good, but not as bad... I also have to take the MAT for GRE instead now. so reall, is the HESI not that big of a deal? The math and chem is what scares me!! I know just 10th grade math, after that dont know much....I dont want to purchase the book online, did any of you get it from a bookstore? good luck to all.
  10. by   aspiring_nursing
    Quote from hpfulRN-NJ
    I asked them to write out my strengths and then also why I would make a good nurse. It was general not specific to NYU's program.
    hey, so I also applied to NYU for fall 2010. and u? have u heard from them. good luck
  11. by   aspiring_nursing
    Quote from dbianchi
    I should also mention to anyone that did not take the HESI yet, study the VOCAB section!! There were at least 5 words directly from the practice book, that I would have never known if I did not look at that section. I think the vocab section was my lowest score out of all 7 sections.
    did u study from evelove reach assesment and remediation admissions exam review 2nd edition? 2008??ibsn 9781416056355? r u applying for the jersey city fall 2010?
  12. by   aspiring_nursing
    Quote from Kaylah18
    We took ours early because we are applying for the communiversity program that starts in May. The September cohort on Jersey City's campus doesn't have to take theirs yet.
    Quote from dbianchi
    Still nothing in my mail today!!!! Congrats to everyone who is in!
    did u end up getting in the school with ur very competitive hesi score? hope u did!
  13. by   mgomez
    Hi, For me it wasn't that easy the HESI. I took it once and I didn't do great so I am going to retake it ($90 again!! :/) In the test I saw things that I didn't see it in the book, I'm not sure if it's the same test for everybody..or I wasn't that lucky.. Well I am reading everything again and let's see how I'll do it.. math is easy but for me hardest part was anatomy and biology.. so hopefully I can improve my score.. Good luck to everybody!! OHHH by the way I got my book online..