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Does anybody attend the accelerated BSN program in NJCU? If so what is the cost of the program? How competative is it to get in? Will they accept you if your overall GPA is lower than a 3.0 but you... Read More

  1. by   westorange
    Got my result today.I think I got 94 overall.I hope that is enough.Good luck everybody.
  2. by   razorr
    Just curious - for those who were accepted last year, were you able to work part-time while in the program? If so, what type of jobs?

    Since they're closing the exam on June 10th (that's next wednesday)- how long after will we hear about our application status?
  3. by   westorange
    Hi Razzor,
    That is exactly my question.
    Should we expect to hear soon after 10 th of June.
    Where do you get the aggregate score.
    Good luck.
  4. by   westorange
    Hi everybody,

    I talked to NJCU and they told me that they would send out letters by 30 th of this month.Anybody else has any other information.
    Good luck.
  5. by   razorr
    Damn not until the 30th!

    Thanks for the info westorange!
  6. by   razorr
    Quote from westorange
    Hi Razzor,

    Where do you get the aggregate score.
    Just add all the scores and divide by 7. I saw mine after I took the exam, but for some reason it's not provided online when you check your Evolve acct.
  7. by   westorange
    Thanks Razzor,

    Which all scores.Because critical thinking is out of 1000 and the rest are different.Please reply fast.Thanks.
  8. by   razorr
    Everything but critical thinking.
  9. by   westorange
    Thanks for reply.I think I calculated overall score as 94 .Goodluck.
  10. by   westorange
    Why is everybody so silent out there?
    Is this the silence before the storm?
    Somebody please speak up.
    Any new ,anything at all?
    I am all butterflies.I really want this program.
    Good luck everybody.
  11. by   westorange
    Today is the last day for HESI.
    Results should be in tomorrow for the school to see.
    Good luck everybody.
  12. by   westorange
    If you earn some credits where should you send the transcripts.
    Can we follow the progress of our applications online somewhere.
    Anybody please guide.
  13. by   Love840207
    Hey Westorange,

    I took the Hesi exam also. I'm pretty nervous. I hope everything work out well