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I just accepted an offer to work in an icu at night and im so excited for this experience and cant even twice about turning down the offer... ive been working on a busy imcu unit during the day and want advice on what to expect from the icu and any tips for this major move im making. Also ive only been a nurse all of 8 months and have never worked nights and would like advice and tips to making nights work.


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Nights are great I miss them. The key is continuity. Get your 3 nights in a row. Don't split up your work week you will feel you have no life.


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Thanks Lisa.fnp for the tip

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You have to manage your nights. Have everything ready ahead of time, and do lie down before working the first night. Even a two hour break with feet elevated will help. Take healthy food to work: nuts, cheese, fruit, and bottles of water will serve you well. No junk. Whole wheat bread with turkey. You'd be surprised how much you will appreciate a fresh green salad in the middle of the night. Pack your toothbrush and toothpaste, it will energize you to brush after your meal. Keep notes on your patients. You can't remember everything, and it will be helpful when you give report. When you get home after your shift, its okay to take about an hour to settle into bed after your shower. Have your room cool and dark. Blackout curtains can even be found at discount stores now, and you will need them. Get an old fashioned wind up alarm clock. No need to worry about power outages, and they are loud as can be. Don't try to do much during the hours before your next shift. You need to conserve your energy to be awake all night. I bring tiny vials of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil to work. A little sniff of them at two a.m. helps energize me, and clears my mind. You will find your own little tricks for night shift. I wish you all the best. You can truly concentrate on your patient at night.

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Congrats for your new job. What is the culture workplace like in ICU?