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Healthgrades website compairs Medicare reported statistics.

See whats happening with your facility! They are also working in conjunction with Leapfrog group this year.


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Suggestions on what to do if you know info on the site is wrong? TWO of my local hospitals are listed as having a NICU and they do not...and are stand alones...not part of a system where they could be getting 'credit' because another hospital in the system is near by & has one. (One of the 2 it is 1 HOUR to life flight to the nearest NICU).


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Proud to say, I work at a Top 50 hospital, and I LOVE WORKING HERE!!


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Karen, I love that website link! Thank you.

Interesting that everywhere I've been working doesn't have many stars! Maybe I can use the site to figure out where I want to work next! :) :)


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wish l could find some grades on nursing care....!...thenks for the link...did some local comparisons....veerrrryyyy interesting.....LR

very interesting! thanks so much for the link!!!

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I would email the website re need for correction


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the only problem i have with the mortality stats, is that they (nobody) ever takes into account the accuity of the pts that have died, what other major chronic illnesses those pts have.

for instance, esr, brittle diabetes, 2 or three cabgs in the past, smoker, overweight, pulmonary htn, many docs would not redo cabg, that particular pt would get sent to us.

granted our overall mortality may be higher than some other hospitals in the area, but those hospitals have transfered those particular extremelyl high risk pts to us because we are considered the best.

we also specialize in nec fasc. the mortality rate of pts with nec fasc is already high.

anyway, if one looks at the report cards, we got high mortality rating and thus a low grade, however if you compare the 'accuity of the pts we do surgeries on, and compare to other hospitals that may or may not do the procedure, our mortality would be much lower then that.

geez did that make sense?

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