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Hi everyone,

I have just accepted a job with a home health agency. I have been a nurse for ten years, and most recently have been doing ob nursing. I was wondering if anyone else had come from such a different area of practice to home health, and if anyone had any advise for me!:confused:


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I have been involved with pediatric home health....I basically took care of the child for 8 hrs... meds,txs,bath, feeding. biggie


36 Posts go girl!!!! I came to homecare 10 years ago...from mental health! And I love homecare nursing! Tips...don't let the paperwork get you're there for the on one is the best teaching you'll ever do. GOOD LUCK

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I went from the hospital BMT unit to home health 11 years ago. Give yourself one year to feel comfortable..........

I just started a job as a sales rep and I love it!



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Welcome to home health, KCRNSue! I also made the switch recently (from an ambulatory PACU) and have been an RN for 20 years. I found a wonderful resource/preceptor in a nurse at the agency who has taken me under her wing and been the person I can call with questions. Maybe your agency has someone willing/able/seasoned that can be your resource? I also purchased a PDA to track my appts, mileage and expenses, but the agency does not have any paperwork that I am able to download onto it to make fewer papers to fill out. Though the traveling around gets a bit wearing, and the paperwork is horrendous, I can truly say I feel like I make a difference in grand scheme of things. I agree with PattiRN that the one-to-one teaching is the way to go! now if I didn't have to have a beeper that kept going off...:rolleyes: Best wishes in your new job!

And best wishes to you, Renerian, in your new job also!

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Sjsap thanks for the nice note on my new job!!!!! So far I love it!!!!!


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