new hire to LTC, a little scared and depressed.


I feel stupid admitting this. But, I recently was hired at an LTC in a new capacity for me. I'll be working in supervision and I'm scared. I've always been a bedside nurse or charge with patient care. I do want the job, but I'm a little depressed to not be working in a hospital acute care. I'm also aware that getting a job, any job in this economy isn't the easiest even with experience.

What worries me most is that I'll be ummmm the supervisors of my past "hi, how's it going?"

Staff nurse tells the truth..."we're dying out here!"

Supervisor: "oh well, sorry, I don't have anyone to send you, just keep on making the best of it, see you later!"

I don't think I'll like myself very well if I can't come up with a way to really be of help, but since I'm not in the job yet, I don't know how I'll be able to do that.

If anyone has had a supervisor in LTC that did some good things, could you please pass them on, also just for fun, how about the stuff I really better not ever do, if I hope survive this experience.

How do you handle the transition from patient care to supervision? How do you know if you are being played or being too easy, or too tough? Thoughts n comments please!


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Well I can tell you that when I worked LTC, the best supervisors were the one's who remebered what it was like in the trenches, and acted as such. If patient load is high, and staff is short, lending a helping has where possible, or getting 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, gives a boost to overall moral. So, I just say remember that you have been there too, and let that lead, how you interact and respond to staff. And don't be depressed about LTC, it is a great place to be, with a population that most have forgotten, but that we owe very dearly. You will grow very fond of your residents, and get some acute action every now and then. And, also it is always easier to get a job, when you have a job, for when you are looking back to hospitals. Are you currently around New Orleans? If, so there are quite a few positions at hospitals available for those with experience.


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Thanks for the idea's and support, Krispy Kreme's used to help us on our shifts too!

I'm not in Nola anymore, moved back to Denver and the job situation is tough. I was woking Home Health for the last 2 years so the Hospitals, even LTAC's were not rushing to hire me. I've been doing the Nursing thing for 20+ years so I know I could function pretty much anywhere, but Human Resources seemed unimpressed. I kinda try to figure in the God factor, this is where I'm needed to be at this particular time and place. I miss La. though! Where are you?

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The supervisors I love are the ones who start grabbing lights when there are three going off and the cnas and the nurses are already in patient rooms. They are also the ones who will steal a page or two of the MAR and the narc keys from me when I'm swamped and someone needs a PRN.They also help with orders, chart checks, and the stupid little paperwork.

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I'm actually going in the opposite direction. Going back to the floor, where there's less responsibility, less paperwork and more patient time. Jump in and help when you can, try to find a way to have plenty of staff. Good luck.