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Been lurking around these boards for a while and thought I would introduce myself. I have been a RN for two years now, working on a medical-surgical/oncology unit, and prn for the last 6 months as a sub nurse within my children's school district. Last week I was offered and accepted a full time school RN position in a neighboring school district. I start August 5th. I am both nervous and excited. Any tips on how to prepare myself over the summer? I had a tiny bit of orientation when I became a sub, and I've been rereading my peds nursing book from nursing school. I'll be the sole RN at an elementary school and a middle school.


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Try to learn what you can about the school policies and procedures. Can you delegate care in your state? How has the previous nurse handled the split time? Can you see a list of medical alerts from this year so you know about kids with medical issues?

What paperwork do families turn in in August? Good luck and welcome!


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agree with schooldistrictnurse......Since it's an elementary school, familiarize yourself with immunization requirements. Also keep focused on what's important; safety and health of the students. Hit the food allergy policies hard and identify the kids with a history of severe allergy or anaphylaxis and those with epi-pens for school use, diabetics, asthmatics, and on down the priority list for student health. The other stuff will come with experience. Welcome to the club!!