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New Here... Looking for Nursing School


Hello everyone!

I'm living in Orlando FL and currently a VCC student. I'm about to finish my A.A. in General Studies (Since I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with my life). I was thinking of going to O-Tech for a while to get my LPN and then do the LPN to RN Bridge but I'm not getting any younger and that may take too long. Now I'm trying to decide whether to go to VCC or SCC. VCC is so very close to home, but it's got that long waiting list though I still have about 3 semesters worth of pre-reqs to do. SCC isn't too convenient but no waiting list! What's a girl to do?

Should I apply to both? Either way I'm going to take my pre-reqs at VCC since it's so close and I'm already familiar with the campus (except for the fact that I have to go to another campus for Microbiology ech).

Anyway, thank you very much people! ANY suggestions are appreciated :bowingpur


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I would just say to apply to both schools. Finish the rest of the pre-req's at VCC and then depending on how much longer the waiting list will be after that, then decide. I did the CNA training at SCC and that also was quite far for me; I lived in Winter Garden and I took me about a hour to get to class everyday. I thought the faculty at SCC was very helpful which is good, but I never really dealt with the nursing faculty at VCC to compare the two. Good luck!

Thanks! I'm a little worried about when they'll let me apply to VCC. I'm taking my prereqs starting this fall but because they're mostly cumulative, It'll take me 3 semesters to get through them and if you can't apply till you finish them, it would take forever to finish. We'll see. Thanks for the advice!!! :clown:


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hey Hello.NurseFL

I am a VCC student and you are right thye won't let you apply to the program until all your pre-reqs are finished. At SCC you can apply if most of your pre-reqs are finished but keep in mind that the students that are accepted first and the ones with a good GPA and have all their pre-reqs done. I would stay just concentrate on getting all the pre-reqs done and after apply to all the schools UCF, SCC, FL Hosp. and VCC and please make sure that SCC will take all your pre-reqs from VCC and above all if you apply to SCC pay attention to their deadlines and transfer your transcript early because they take forever! That's what happened to me and I decided to stay at VCC and now I start in fall08 and only had to wait 2 semesters ..not to bad

good luck



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I know, it's definitely alot of work. I looked into both VCC and SCC for their nursing programs before I ended up moving to New York because my sister needed a roommate. The good thing is that I believe all of their pre-req's are the same so that helps some. I did all of my pre-req's except for A&P II and Micro, but up here you can take those during the actual nursing program so I don't have to worry about getting them done yet. Hang in there though and good luck!

Thanks. So far I've contacted both schools letting them know I'm interested in the program and asking them what the next step is. I'm okay with either program, I just figure I'll go to whoever accepts me first lol. I'm going to go ahead and contact FL Hospital? Is that an expensive school? And any other Nursing schools I can find. If anyone knows of any other locations let me know!! Thanks everyone!

I went to VCC for my pre reqs as well and didnt want to wait a year to enter the program so what I did was applied to Lake Sumter in clermont which has no waiting list either and they take all the pre reqs from VCC. They do require a one credit med math course though. I just am finishing up my first year of nursing school, one more final next week and I am done. wooohoooo hope this might help


i took my pre-reqs in vcc and decided to cancel on the waiting list. i decided to go to orlando tech and am doing the lpn program. i am almost half way done and the best part about it is that there is no waiting list for the lpn to rn bridge at vcc, you just have to have your pre-reqs done. doing this route did not make it longer because the bridge program is just one year (so it still comes out to a 2 year program without the waiting) we have many people who have done the bridge not only to vcc but scc and they said it was very easy. i know for vcc's bridge most of the program is online and you only have clinicals once a week. because of that all the lpn's from otech that did the bridge worked as lpn's and got alot of experience and good pay while doing the bridge.

if you want any information or have questions let me know! good luck in your decisions!!! :wink2:

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