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I am so worried that I am going to get fired from my newcareer as a Health Unit Coordinator. Yousee, I just started this new job on June 4, 2014. On July 4, 2014 I had to "fly solo". Fortunately, I did alright on that day. I work in the Emergency Dept. On July 7, Monday, it was busier than busy. On Wednesday my manager asked to speak withme. He said that the doctor on Mondayhad all kinds of complaints against me. I told my manager that it was really busy on Monday and I was justoverwhelmed. The biggest complaint waswhen the doctor asked me to fax something for him and then an hour later askedme to fax something else to the same fax number and I lost the fax number. The manager told me how I can prevent that inthe future. Then on Friday I went towork and a different doctor was on duty. This doctor said that he needed a "Wound Form". I never heard of a wound form. I looked everywhere for the wound form, couldnot find one. I called my trainer andshe had no idea what I was talking about. I called other hospitals and they were supposed to fax me a copy butnever did. When it was time to switchshifts, I asked the HUC that was taking over and she did not know what I wastalking about but then thought about it for a moment and went to the filecabinet and found the form. I am stillon my 90 day probationary period, has anyone ever got fired for making stupidmistakes like these?

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The biggest problem on a busy Monday came from a doctor.. that you could not fax fast enough for :rolleyes:.

Out of all the things that a Monday can bring.. this was the main concern?

Your manager is way too concerned about a minor doctor issue than he/she should be. Be that as it may, now you know where the priority lies.. pleasing physicians.

There really should be no problem in making the physicians aware you are very new in you position. Let them, most will lighten up.

Get creative in your problem solving... the fax number was probably in the fax machine history, however.. you could keep a tablet with a log of these kinds of numbers.

Feel free to ask the ordering physician what form they are requiring. It may have a different name, etc. You cannot read their minds, nor should you be required to. Can you call another HUC on a different floor for guidance?

These are FAR from stupid mistakes! You are new to the position with minimal training.

Good luck, don't let them beat you up for simple things you haven't come across yet.

" I am still on my 90 day probationary period, has anyone ever got fired for making stupid mistakes like these?"

I'd be more concerned about being fired for posting VERY SPECIFIC information about this situation online, using what I presume is your real name, and taking the position that you made stupid mistakes. Seems like you're handing them the pink slip for their signature...??

I think I'd be asking to have this thread deleted, personally.

Stay strong, trust in yourself, and good luck!

Sounds like poor/insufficient training more than anything.

Its not like you showed poor judgement/decision making, you didnt know where a form is or how a fax machine saves numbers.