Where are the best schools in NH for RN and BSN degrees?

  1. Hi, I have a GED and my prerequisite classes in Algebra, Chemistry and Biology finished. I want go for a degree in Nursing and have searched online for RN Programs in NH and I keep finding online schools with bad feedback. I wouldn't mind going to school online but many of the reviews I've read are bad. Can anyone please help me find a good school in NH (preferably near Portsmouth) that offer RN or BSN programs? Advice welcome, Thank you.
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  3. by   sherri12
    Hi.. I don't believe you can do the entire nursing program online. You can do some or most of your pre-req's online, but you have to do the nursing courses at an accredited college. I have spent the last two years doing pre-req's at NHTI in Concord. I did half online and half on campus. I am now transferring to PSU to finish my last 16 months to complete my BSN. The last 16 months are done on campus and clinical sites.
    After you do most of your pre-req's, you have to apply to a nursing program and hope you get in. It's not very easy, but it can be done!
  4. by   Lilymoonstorm
    Thank you for your reply! What schools in NH offer The RN and BSN programs besides NHTI?
  5. by   sherri12
    That would depend on if you want a BSN or ASN. I know UNH has a BSN program and NHTI and some of it's affiliates have the ASN program. I'm not sure of any others, but you can do a google search and they should come up.
  6. by   melmarie23
    There is also Great Bay Community College on Pease in Portsmouth that has an ASN program. Manchester Community College is also another option for an ASN. Rivier College in Nashua and Saint Anselm in Manchester also have BSN programs, as does UNH which was mentioned.
  7. by   Lilymoonstorm
    Okay, I want a BSN. Where is the LEAST EXPENSIVE place to do this in NH?
  8. by   WeatherB
    Did you have to be RN to get into PSU 16month BSN program?
  9. by   sherri12
    No, you don't have to already be an RN to get into the 16 month program. That's the program I'm starting. BUT, you have to have already done all your pre-req's. I spent 4 semesters (1 1/2 years) doing pre-req's in the general studies program at NHTI, then I applied to PSU and was admitted as a Jr. because I had all the pre-req's done. You can call the Nursing Director at PSU for more info or look on thier website under "nursing program" for all the info.
    If you want to get into an associates program, you still have pre-req's to finish before you start the nursing program, probably about a year or two depending on what classes you have already taken in high school. But that info is also on NHTI's website.
    Good luck!! You can do it!
  10. by   sherri12

    You will have to do some research on the most/least expensive places for college. A community college is always a best bet to get pre-req's done. It's less expensive, then you can transfer for your BSN or stay at the community college if it offers nursing and get your ASN.
    I know that UNH is quite expensive. PSU is more expensive than NHTI, but not as much as UNH.
    There are many different ways to go about getting your degree, you have to do some research and find the one that's best for you.
  11. by   WeatherB
    Thanks Sherri12. When does the program start? I applied in June because I thought it's starting in September but now Im hearing about January. I have all my prereqs. Have you got your curriculum planning guide?
  12. by   sherri12

    Are you sure you have all the pre-req's done? These will also include classes beyond the science classes. I had to take 2 literature classes, a music class, a history class and others. Here is the link to the schedule of classes. You should call and talk to them about what classes you have and what will transfer and what you need still to take.

    I am starting in the fall to finish up statistics, genetics, nutrition and one more elective. January is when the actual nursing sequence begins.

    But if you are really interested, the only way to figure out your classes is to call and talk to an advisor.

  13. by   WeatherB
    Thanks Sherri. I ll call on Monday.
  14. by   Lilymoonstorm
    I'm leaning towards to just go for a ADN first since the school (Great Bay) is closer to where I live and then switch to a BSN Program. Any thoughts?