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  1. Hi there--I am an RN on the west coast and possibly looking to relocate to NH, specifically DHMC. I have six years experience, but not in the area I will be working. What should I expect as far as pay goes? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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  3. by   MEINstudent
    RN jobs at DHMC start @ $27/hr plus shift differential. I believe every new hire starts here (you definitely won't make less), but I am not positive that experience will start you a bit higher. But that should give you a ballpark.
  4. by   tks07
    Thanks! So experience doesn't really count? That seems so wrong... Glad to have somewhat of a number tho. Thank you.
  5. by   married2RN
    Any more info on this? We're going to be moving up to NH in June and just wondering what the deal is with salary, shift differential, etc.

    What's the word on starting salary? Is it the same for anyone new to DHMC or does experience play a role?

    I found some old benefit flyers stating 10% evening, 20% night and 15% weekend differentials. Is this still accurate?

  6. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I work as an RN in NH and I have to say the pay is kind of horrible when you take the cost of living into account. I worked in MA (literally 10 minutes from the NH border) and made 12.00 more an hour!

    If you are moving to NH, but will be reasonably close to MA, I would look for jobs in MA since they pay is far better!

  7. by   MatrixRn
    Yes but aren't the taxes a bear.....the high state tax of Mass to work there and then the high housing tax in NH.
  8. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Yes you pay an income tax in MA, but that equates to loosing around 3.00 an hour, so you are still way ahead working in MA when compared to NH.

    NH does have higher property tax for that reason, but its a much cleaner and nicer state, so to me it is worth it!

  9. by   newnurse92
    I work at DHMC and have 10 years of nursing experience. I make $35.99/hr.