Nurse Residency at DHMC in New Hampshire

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if anyone had some insider information about the new grad RN residency program at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center In New Hampshire? I have an interview coming up and wanted to get some input about the hospital and the program.
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  3. by   MissChloe
    No information, but I'm thinking of applying for a summer or fall session so I'm interested in any responses! Anyone have any insight about the Lebanon area? I've never been.
  4. by   Yolanda_M
    Definitely apply!
    I was there yesterday for my interview and got a call back for the job that night! They have a quick response time once you apply too. It's in the middle of nowhere, but the hospital campus is huge. And it was easy to get to. Everyone I talk to about that place has nothing but good things to say about it. For me the only issue is that it's an hour away from where I live. But it seems like a great place to work. They are starting new grads at $27 not including shift diff.

    Hope this helps a little.
  5. by   Mellie9645
    I too have an interview (phone) with them next week. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Is $27/h standard for ALL new nurses or do they give more for those with CNA experience? I have applied to several RN Residency programs around the country and all start at around $22/h.
  6. by   Yolanda_M
    No, they don't compensate for CNA/LNA experience. DHMC is the largest hospital in NH and they are able to be very competitive with their salary. $27 is standard for all new grads there. Which I believe is the most anyone is starting at in NH.
  7. by   Mellie9645
    Thanks for the response. I read previous, older posts on DHMC and there was a lot written about the contract requiring 2 additional years of service after the 1 year residency was complete. Is signing the contract still required for the RN residency program?
  8. by   Yolanda_M
    The HR lady told me its a year commitment. But you can verify with them. I was freaked out about the 2 year thing too. But everyone I talk to says you'll never want to leave there anyway!
  9. by   Mellie9645
    What type of questions were asked in the interview?
  10. by   Yolanda_M
    Just normal stuff, why did you pick the school you attended, why did you want to become a nurse... Stuff like that
  11. by   ilovemycity
    When does the nurse residency program start?
  12. by   Yolanda_M
    They have several different ones posted depending on your graduation time frames.
  13. by   kfynn589
    I did the residency in 2011. Best place I have worked. I relocated and had to leave (created a 2+ hour commute, but needed to live here for personal life). It is a great hospital to work for - especially after you have experienced others. There is much room for growth and education. The nurses are valued by the physicians a lot! I never had a day there without learning something new!