1. HI all - Can someone please give me some insight on this exam. I am about to take it on the 11th and I am so incredibly stressed out. I am applying at NHCTC, Laconia, Stratham and Manchester and NHTI in concord. I am using the site. I have a 4.0 and 3.8 right now and have worked very hard, this exam could be a major road blocker. How hard is this and should I be really nervous? Thanks in advanced!
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  3. by   dorieabsLPN
    hi fellow nh person
    Have you seen the study guide books that are out there? I have heard of many people getting real help from them. Try not to stress too much that can be detrimental. Get a good nights sleep eat a great breakfast.
  4. by   Jamie-Sue
    I do have the study guide as well. My plan is to go through the plato website then the study guide. I can't help but stress
  5. by   2bNursewith7kids
    Hello! I just wanted to say that I am a much older student. I took the NLN back last year and it was somewhat difficult. I bought the study guide that somebody else mentioned. While the study guide was somewhat helpful, I would not rely on it as a sole indicator of what is on the test. I found that the math portion was actually easier than what was covered in the study guide. Yet, the science portion was much more difficult than what was covered in the guide. I had not taken chemistry or physics in many years. So I was completely snowballed on that part of the test. I panicked for weeks until I actually received my scores. All said and done, I scored much higher than was necessary for me to get in. But it took me a year to get in and now here I am! I took a few pre-requisites but I officially entered the nursing program which starts this month, Jan. 07. You most likely will be fine on the test as long as you know basic algebra, chemistry, physics, English and vocabulary.
  6. by   Jamie-Sue
    I have done A&P 1 & 2. Highschool Chemistry, Biology and Algebra and College Algebra. I haven't done any english in YEARS.........But as far as the science portion, I've done most of it. Its the physics part I haven't done and I get different storys about what is on each exam. The reason being each time the exam is different! I am hoping I get the one without physics but knowing my luck, that won't happen.....Thats for the feedback, I am so stressed about this thing
  7. by   kukukajoo
    Anticipation of taking the test was much worse than the test itself and the worst part of it was that it took 3 hours!!

    I stressed myself out so much about it that I hardly slept the nite before! did well, but bombed on the Math part but it was still good enough to get into the NHCTC-Laconia and I am a first year student in the program. I think I got a 67 or 68 on this.

    The physics on my test was easy and wicked basic- I had never taken it either and had no clue!! I did take A & P and Biology though and got a 96% on that portion.

    English was a lot of definitions or meaning of words. Some really weird ones too. Can't think of any at the moment but again I guessed on ones I did not know and got high 90's here again. Taking the Readers digest Wordpower tests would help.

    They say everything is at High school level so with your coursework you will probably do just fine.
    Again, the test itself is not so bad as the thought of the test so try to relax.

    I had taken some courses prior at NHCTC-L but before that hadn't been to school in 18 years. So it can be done.