1. After you take the nclex.. how long does it take for your status to change from "pending" and if you fail does it change to something else or continue to stay pending until you do pass an exam.

    Also, if i did not pass the nclex.. do i have to wait 45 days before even attempting to sign up for another test ?

    Thanks for your input!
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  3. by   ParvulusPuella
    Your status usually changes on the BON website within 24 hours. If you pass, it says active, with your license number. If you fail, it says withdrawn.

    I'm not sure how scheduling the next test goes. If for some reason you do fail, I would just try to reregister. It may just black out the next 45 days, and only offer you times after that period.

    If you haven't taken it yet, good luck!!
  4. by   melmarie23
    I took my NCLEX last summer the Friday before the 4th of July weekend. I had to wait til the following Tuesday to find out-it was torture! But yes, generally it takes 24 hours to update your status if you passed.

    I did not fail, but before we took the NCLEX they said if we did, to sign up again ASAP. You can sign up to re-take it right away, but wont be able to schedule it til 45 days after your last test date I believe.
  5. by   Mc2182
    I took my boards last May on a Thursday morning and my name was on the board of nursing the next day at 6am. Pearson site did not show I passed for a week or so. Just check for your name on the BON.