new grad... base pay/jobs?

  1. HI everyone,

    Im sure this question has been asked MILLIONS of times, but i couldnt find my answer, so im wondering if you could help me out! Im originally from new england, but moved to FL with my husband when he joined the navy. now that hes out, we'd like to move back. I recently graduated in May with my ADN, passed my NCLEX, but I have no experience except for of course clinicals.

    How is the job market for new grads, and what is the base pay for ADN new grads? Im looking to work in southern new hampshire (manchester and below...)

    Thank you sooo much!
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  3. by   katyb213
    Hi there,

    Depends where you are but most of the time around $21-24/hr. Good luck to you. It is tough out here in NH right now but it is possible! Just gotta keep trying.
  4. by   MrsMig
    true - that - true!
  5. by   olliesmommy1005
    I'm kind of in the same boat.....originally from NH, moved to NC almost 3 years ago, will be graduating my ADN program in May and now I'm hoping to get back to NH! I'm debating whether or not I want to stay here for a year or so and get experience before attempting the jump back to New England!

    Good luck to you!
  6. by   melmarie23
    the market here is really tough. 10 hospitals are suing the state and are out millions of dollars in Medicare reimbursements and have been laying off. There are jobs out there, but it can be tough as a new grad because the hospitals are in a position where they can be picky with who they hire. I am not telling you all this to frustrate you....but rather as a heads up so that you are not blind sided when you begin your job search.

    As a new grad, working per diem my base pay is $23. I work per diem at two different hospitals.
  7. by   MrsMig
    The market it tough - I'm a new grad LPN and am VERY fortunate on what I've landed. I'm working at a correctional facility $20 and at a LTC/Assisted living $22 and hour plus differential.

    I agree with Melmarie23 and have heard about layoffs and have heard many facilites won't even call back a new grad. A friend, a new grad RN, had her LPN for 5 years and then obtained her RN and she can't get anyone to call her.

    Anyhow, it's tough out there and yes, I have been fortuante to have landed my two PT jobs but I HAUNTED these facilites until they hired me
  8. by   chiclet81
    I was offered a few jobs this summer before I found the right one for me, and all of them in central NH seemed to pay around $21-22/hr for a new grad, based on full-time. Dartmouth Hitchcock pays $25/hr to start, but it's further north and has a much higher cost of living if you live near there.