LNA's Salary...Hospital or LTC???

  1. I'm currently enrolled in an LNA program, and due to finish in Sept.
    I've heard the payscale is anywhere from $11-17/hr. Quite a stretch.

    Currently there is a tech job available at Elliott per diem that I'm interested in, but I heard that if you work in LTC you not only get your $$ back from the LNA class, but sometimes they offer a sign on bonus, and often the pay is more b/c it's a less desirable job.

    What have been your experiences w/ salaries, and would you rather work in LTC or a hospital setting??

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  3. by   Angela1336
    Hi NHMOMMY -

    It is true that one can be refunded through the state of NH if you have passed to become a LNA however the individual must work at a LTC facility. They will not reimburse for someone working at a hospital.

    As for the payscale - that seems pretty high for a new grad perhaps with diff. it may be a bit higher but I believe the norm is somewhere around $9-$12.

    I personally prefer the hospital setting but I think its different with each persons personal preference.

    Hope that helps!

    Best of luck for you in September!
  4. by   NHmommy
    I actually got that info from a nurse at a LTC facility in Derry who teaches an LNA class there. I was surprised it was that high...

    When I was taking A&P (I'm working on my ADN, but plan to do the LNA thing in the meantime) there was a woman there who worked as a tech at Concord Hosp nights, and she said she started at $15 but ended at $19 when she left after shift differentials and such.

    I really don't want to work in LTC...it's just not me. BUT...it would be nice to get my $$ back, and I'm sure you get great experience there too.
    However, I'm trying to figure out if it would be worth it, or if I should just forget about the re-imbursement, and just try to work in a hospital right away.
  5. by   hamlj
    I just heard tonight that pay is in the $9-12 dollar range for new graduates.

    Personally, I wouldn't choose a job for what pays the best, or what place will re-imburse you. Go with the place you think you'd be happiest working.
    If you work someplace b/c of the pay, but the job stinks, you'll get burnt out in the long run.
    Good luck!
  6. by   hamlj
    By the way NHMommy, where are you going to school? Just curious.
  7. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    That is why you do Perdiem for long term care to get your tuition back. I have heard from 9.50(a pay I was offered) up to 20. Long term pays a little more becuase NO ONE wants to do it. I dont either, I want the hospital, becuase when I finish nursing school, I want to go into either surgery or the ER. But def do what you want to be IN, becuase then youll just have a job you hate, and no one wants to work a job that they dread going to everyday
  8. by   NHmommy
    Does anyone know how hard it is to get hours when you work per-diem?
    Is it possible to work per-diem in two places so you can get full time pay?
    Just curious as to what the best course of action is.
  9. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    Well, from what I have seen, perdiem is a higher rate of pay, because it isnt gaurenteed each day. Its only to fill in for people who are out sick, when they need extra hours, ect. And that is when those hours arent taken by people who already work at the place. So one week you could get full time hours, and the next week you could get none. It really depends onwhat is going on at the time with places.
  10. by   SPM-RN
    NH Mommy,
    Speaking from experience, the state of NH will reimburse you for you LNA if you work in LTC...what they dont emphesize is that you do not have to be working any length of time before you get your reimbursement. I applied for my reimbursement a week after starting in LTC, and received my reimbursement about 3 weeks later! If you can do per diem work youll be making more money for sure. Personally Im glad I started in LTC 3rd shift with no experience because I feel it eased me into the job. I am now thinking of switching to a hospital setting 5 months later..Going to nursing school, and I want more experience in different areas.
  11. by   SPM-RN
    Oh..and the only requirements to work per diem at my job is to work 2 8 hour shifts a month and 2 holidays a year. So you can definitly take on a few per diems if you can work out the scheduling
  12. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    OR, if you dont need beni's check out an agency. Agency gets paid WAY more, but that is becuase they dont get health benefits. I work in LTC, which is waht I DIDNT wnat to do, but its not so bad actually. Plus Ill get my tuition reimbursment, and b/c I work in a private run LTC, its SO much better. And the pay, though it isnt GREAT, Its 12.25 and 13 after differentials(we get weekend diff). but the health benefits are really cheap, and where I am, there is a scholarship program for nursing school too
  13. by   RR910
    Saw your post and letting you know sadly pretty much no hospital will hire you unless you have at least 6 month exp. in a LTC place

    id get some exp and then apply to hospitals