Holden Health LPN Program

  1. I was wondering if anyone had any info about the Holden Health LPN program. I've talked to some of the administration there and I took my NET test (and passed),, but I'm looking to see if anyone from here has or knows someone who has gone through or is going through their program.

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  3. by   danmusau
    I was also planning to apply for the upcoming spring semester.
  4. by   redheadlpn07
    I graduated from NHTI in Dec. and we had to go to a board meeting at nh board of nursing and the board had some serious concerns about the school, instructors, safety and pass rate for graduates. I saw that there scores came up a bit on the NCLEX-PN but they still were listed under conditional approval from NH board.

    Hope this helps....I hate to see someone pay all that $$ for school and not get an A+ education.

    Good Luck
  5. by   spn08
    i am a student at holden health and can tell you it is a wonderful school- if you go to nh bon website you can see that we have the highest n-clex pass rate in the state- for 3 years i believe- i thouroughly investigated the school ahead of time and all issues with the state are not academic/teacher/program related, something to be said for a 97% n-clex pass rate.....esp. when other schools have avg. 80-90....
  6. by   kukukajoo
    NH Board of Nursing shut them down! 60 Students may be SOL and have to start over from scratch when they only had until the end of summer to finish.


    I hope nobody on here was affected and that those that were have a good outcome. This would be the second LPN school in just 3 years that screwed students looking for a decent education.