Exeter vs Portsmouth

  1. I have interview next week at both Exeter and Portsmouth hospitals. Can anyone give me any insight into what either/both are like to work for?
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  3. by   Needsmorechocolate
    I worked at Exeter Hospital back in 2005. What floor are you interviewing at?
  4. by   jeffeners
    I'm not interviewing for a floor nursing job - not going back there again! What did you think about working at Exeter in general?
  5. by   Needsmorechocolate
    Lucky you, that's my goal to get away from floor nursing. Yes, I liked working at Exeter Hospital. The benefits were fantastic. The education department was super. Overall, I felt like the hospital really strived to keep their nurses. Let me know if you have any other questions I can answer. Best of luck with your interview.
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  6. by   jeffeners
    That's great to hear - thanks for the feedback. What have you heard about Portsmouth? The department head I spoke to sounded a little "out there."
  7. by   Needsmorechocolate
    Sorry but I have not heard anything about Portsmouth good or bad. Good luck making your decision.
  8. by   MClemo
    Hey Man I am that head of dept,and guess what?,... i am "out There!",..so don't bother coming to Pompey!,as we call it,stay in Exeter and away from the FLOOR,....AKA Patients!!!!!,NURSE,...pen pusher mores the like,...try IBM.
    Best wishes for your future success.
  9. by   cryptic12
    I guess the decision is made based on the response from MClemo....lol
    Good instincts.. Always follow your gut. Good luck in Exeter
  10. by   RR910
    where did you end up working?