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  1. I am attending NHCTC-Laconia as a first year student.

    We have 15 in our class and so far it has been great!! we split up for labs and clinicals so we have a real small ratio and great undivided attention at times. In lecture, we get to ask lots of questions too!

    I was wondering how big other programs are and what the pros and cons are to each?
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  3. by   LilyNHRN
    I am a second year student in Laconia, we have 22 in our class. I loved our first year ratio of 15. Enjoy the program.
  4. by   kukukajoo
    Are the extras the LPN to RN option? I really like the fact that the instructors can pretty much answer everyone's questions and give us some 1 on 1.

    So far I really love the program despite challenging the absence policy by being hospitalized in the first week of classes! After all I had done just to get into the program and then to see it begin to slip away was worse than the doc telling me I have a life threatening condition! I suppose it could have been worse and happened after clinicals started! Regardless, I can't miss another day and unless I am in a coma or worse, I don't plan on it!!
  5. by   LilyNHRN
    Yes the added people are the LPN's to Rn's.

    Wow sorry you had such a rough start, I hope you are doing better now. You guys are finishing up your Nsng 1 right now aren't you? I saw the grades for the pharm final posted. It looks like you all are doing well.
  6. by   kukukajoo
    Thanks, I am dong better although no where near 100% but hey I can fake it for a few hours! Plus the bonus weight loss is awesome! Got a few more to lose before I whine about that, lol! Some days are better than others, but that's life anyways! Looked at my med bills today and so far over $36K!! Thank goodness for insurance!

    Still waiting on a definitive dx still but getting closer and lots of stuff ruled out- darn send out bloodwork is taking forever to come back! They think I have some wird fungus only found out west but I have never been near places it is prevalent- weird.....

    4th test tomorrow then Final on Monday. Pharm final was yesterday and seemed so easy! I think the lowest grade was 81 on the last test.

    I bought all the study guides and some extra books and that has helped a lot!

    How's things going for the second year? Did you take the LPN boards yet?

    I think a couple from my A & P classes are in there from last year (LPN-RN).
  7. by   LilyNHRN
    Yes I sat for my boards this summer and passed. The second year is a total different experience from the first. It has been a big adjustment. I am enjoying it.

    I saw your class grades posted. You guys are doing awesome!!! Keep up the good work
  8. by   kukukajoo
    Thanks!! The class is doing good. Final will suck!!

    Is it less intense second year? What is so different? Sounds like different- better, not different bad.

    What kinds of gifts did you bring as thank yous to the clinical site?
  9. by   LilyNHRN
    The second year is much more intense then the first, but that is okay because we are ready for it. It is just an adjustment. You go from lectures 3's a week to one time a week. Different teachers, with different styles and a lot more written work.

    I think we brought cookies or doughnuts and a card. When do you start your hospital rotations?
  10. by   kukukajoo
    I think we start hospital rotations Mid Nov. just did med admin lab yesterday and next tuesday we bring oranges. So far this week has been a bit of a breather compared to last couple of weeks.

    I ended up getting donuts and coffee, good thing since others just forgot about it.

    I found custom bobbleheads online and we are thinking of getting them as end of year gifts for the instructors!! They have a nurse one in a blue uniform!! They make them from pics you send in and just thinking about them makes me giggle!
  11. by   LilyNHRN
    Cute! We got them gift certificates to the spa for a massage or whatever they chose.

    I saw your class's grades for your finals. You all did awesome!!! Keep up the good work.
  12. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    WOW, you guys have a small class. I am at NHTI-Concord and we started off with about 100 students and I think we are down to 80 maybe more maybe less! Only one more semester after this one!

  13. by   LilyNHRN
    I was just saying to my husband it will be so nice in May after graduation not to have to study. When I am done work, I don't have open a text book. It has been a long haul but I am keeping my eyes on the prize!!!!
  14. by   kukukajoo
    NHNrsg- You are so lucky! I really envy you and wish that I was there, but truth be told I have to wait FOREVER to be there! All I have to say is they better keep me busy so it goes by fast!

    SWtooth- I hear we have at least a couple in Laconia who have attended NHTI in the past and are now up here. You are also so lucky to be almost home!! I can't even imagine the feeling of anticipation!

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