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I'm thinking it should be soon...but just wondering if anyone knows when they are going out...or if they have already gone out. I heard there were 500 applicants for Manchester.:uhoh21:... Read More

  1. by   roxxy3773
    Don't give up Jamie-Sue! The admissions person told me they went through like 3/4 of the list last year.
    Thanks Yet2bRN, I'm looking forward to getting started! I can't believe I leave Hawaii in four months, reality is setting in!
  2. by   Talulah117
    Hey everyone! Sorry i havent written, but i've been on vacation. :spin:
    Thanks for letting me know you turned down Manch, Roxxy! I havent heard from them yet, but i just got a really great job offer up north where i if i dont get in this year i wont be too heartbroken (well i will, but at least i'll have something to keep my mind off it!)

    I know that Manchester said we could call after May 1 to see what number you rank on the wait-list. Did anyone that was wait-listed call today to find out where they are? I was too nervous! Maybe tomorrow.
  3. by   Carrie2007
    I called Manchester today because I was too anxious to wait any longer. The woman I spoke with said that there were 10 people in front of me on the waitlist. I got at 120 composite, so if you did better than me you will be ahead of me. She also said that she still has 15 people who have not sent in their deposits so she said there is a good chance they will make it through quite a bit more of the waitlist. She said that there was a good chance for me to get in, so you probably will also. Last year she said they accepted the whole wait list. So there is still hope for all of us waiting. Good luck.
  4. by   Talulah117
    Thanks for the heads up! I got a 122 composite, so I must be right around you. Its funny though, now that I know I may have a spot, I have so many doubts about whether I really want to move and go to school anymore!! It must just be jitters though, right?
  5. by   Talulah117
    I called Manchester this morning- I'm #3 on the waitlist! :spin: Apparently I was #25 in the beginning, so they've gone through this list really fast! The head of admissions said she should be calling the next set of people in the next few days. Good luck everyone!
  6. by   roxxy3773
    Yay! That is so great Talulah, it sounds like you will hear very soon! I think it is the jitters, I have been getting nervous too, especially hearing some of the stories that are on here...from nursing school itself to the working conditions. But like many people have said, many times people come here to vent and you only hear the worst aspects of things, so that has made me feel better. I can completely understand though how you are feeling, I felt like after all that work of trying to get in, as soon as I got my acceptance letter the reality set in and it got a little scary.
  7. by   Carrie2007
    That is great Talulah. If you only have 3 more spots to go then you will get in. They told me I was number 28 to begin with so maybe I am number 6 now. Wow, that list moves fast.

    Yes, you probably have the jitters. Hopefully the nervousness will turn into excitement once you get in, although having to move and go to school are big steps. I already work at a hospital, so I just want to get in nursing school and get it over with and start a new job. Good luck. I hope you get your acceptance letter soon.
  8. by   Talulah117
    I got in!!

    Sorry, just a bundle of nerves! Good luck to anyone still waiting!
  9. by   Cymy
    Quote from Talulah117
    I got in!!
    Yea! Congratulations!
  10. by   DoGood2u
    Quote from Talulah117
    I got in!!

    Sorry, just a bundle of nerves! Good luck to anyone still waiting!
    :smiley_aaCongratulations Talulah!! That's great. Now I feel good about turning down Manchester.
  11. by   DoGood2u
    Quote from roxxy3773
    Well I decided...I got an email on Tuesday that I got into Stratham so I decided to take it and turn down Concord. It was a hard decision, but now that I made it I feel much better that I have decided.
    Roxxy - :hatparty:Congratulations about Stratham. I've been wondering where you would decide to go. I'm sure you must be relieved about having a decision. Good Luck!
  12. by   roxxy3773
    So how are you feeling Talulah? Are you going to take the spot?

    Thanks DoGood2u for the kind words, I am very relieved to have that behind me and have been having a really positive experience so far with the people over in Stratham. I am excited to get my list of what I need and start chipping away at it!
  13. by   RNIZER3000
    Hello Everyone. I am a senior nursing student at NHCTC-Manchester and I have my final tomorrow. I wish you all the best of luck. One hint of advice...PLEASE ENJOY YOUR SUMMER VACATION!!!! Words cannot adequately describe how stressful, arduous, intense, and seemingly impossible completing this program is. I still can't believe that I'm only one test away from getting my life back. Moms spend time your children, husband/boyfriend and loved ones. Dads take the time to enjoy your family and friends. Lastly, for all you single people out there party HARD, ROCK'N ROLL, and go to Las Vegas because you ain't going no where until next summer (or winterbreak). Everyone...get ready to get your butts kicked over and over again. All you type A's are gonna have a real hard time and for all the type B's take some lessons from the type A's. The most intelligent hardworking person in our class only got one A for a final grade during nursing 3. Have fun and study hard!