New Graduate Nurse can't find employment in Connecticut


i am looking for a graduate nurse job in the windsor/ hartford/ new haven area and i have checked around at the major hospitals and they are not hiring until july. the other problem i have is... i graduated back in dec 2003. i finally passed my boards after the 4th try. thanks to hurst and kaplan:yeah:. i have been so happy for the past 3 weeks and now i have this problem... no one is hiring new grads, especially in my situation!:confused:

if anyone knows of any new grad jobs for rn in connecticut, please let me know. i am a pleasant person and hard working. i am eager to learn and very willing to take a pay cut. i am just hungry for learning and experience.

(by the way i passed my boards with 75 questions)

anyway please help... you can also email me at

also i will be relocating to connecticut. asap


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Check Career web site.

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You and hundreds of other new grads...if you need a job you need to be more aggressive, and creative. New England has been pretty tight for jobs. I have experience, and it's been a pain to get a travel position out there.

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Congratulations on passing the boards!! Here in Florida some of the GNs are working as techs until they can find a job. Its tough but not impossible. It took me 3 months to get my job.

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Don't give up!

I was in your boat when I graduated back in May and had been unemployed up until February of this year living in CT.

Despite several hundreds of applications I did get a few interviews (9 of them with only 1 job offer) but almost unanimously they wanted someone or hired someone with more experience. (surprisingly a lot of my interviews came from craiglist job postings). Other places included, also try nursing homes (google the location, dress nicely and apply in person, ask to speak to the nursing manager if available), community health centers, family planning centers are all willing to hire, or at least interview new grads. Also take another look at your resume and cover letters, I had tons of people critique mine until it was as perfect.

I ended up getting a job at a SNF in western mass about a month ago, not too far a drive from the Hartford area but it did require shelling out an additional 280.00 for the Massachusetts license plus the additional postage to get the mail certified (which is a must if since you are sending the money order to Tennessee!)

I like my job, however I am making a lower base pay then what I would be getting in CT 23.00/hr for RN. But I am just happy to be working and gaining experience!

st mary's hospital in waterbury has a new grad program. im not sure on the detials about it but i know you pick an area that you would like to work in and they consider you for that first but will place you in an open position if your first choice isnt available. they offer Med/Surg, Critical Care/Telemetry, OR, ED & LDRP. it allows you to work in specialty areas so you can gain experience and having someone working along side of you to catch any mistakes you might make. the website says that they pay $29.14 and differential. hope this helps a little. i have been looking into it a lot because i am a student still and i heard that new grads were having a lot of trouble finding jobs. good luck :)


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Thanks everyone for ur responses. I will definitely check out waterbury and I have already researched the Nursing Homes as a back up.

I am working on my resume also, i will have someone look it over. but what do you say when they ask you, "why did it take you so long to work.... or pass the NCLEX? or what ever? 7 yrs...

any ideas:idea:?


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Wow you think that's bad.. I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing and a minor in Psych from Boston in Dec 2008, I have so far worked for a dialysis clinic and as a pediatric nurse in a small outpt clinic where I am basically doing the job of a medical assistant and all along have been trying, begging to get into a hospital.. ANY hospital, have been on COUNTLESS interviews in MA and CT as I am licensed as an RN in both states where I am told ... " Sorry you don't have any medical surgical experience, and all that other work youve done doesn't really qualify you to work in any unit here....." I am unhappy at this point that I even went into nursing, it isn't that great and I worked my ass off in college to get what. I want to get into a hospital only so I can get paid to go back to school and get tuition reimbursement Im sure as an APRN ill face the same issues!