New grads and the VA


How soon can you apply to the VA? Will nurse recruiters talk to you if you are several months away from graduating? For the hospital I want to apply to, the nurse recruiter's contact information is listed on the website; however, I hesitate to contact him/her because on it says that they want you to have a license prior to applying.


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Apply. The application process is so long, you could have your license before you get through it LOL.

And yes, the VA does hire new least mine did :)

I worked at the VA while going to school. As I neared completion of my studies, I reached out to the nurse recruiter. She advised me to apply once I finished my studies. I did apply for one position but was not hired, not even considered. I left the VA because I wanted nursing experience. That was May 2012. I just reapplied with the VA once again, now with some experience. I am checking my status continously to see if I was referred for consideration. I have NOT contacted the recruiter, but maybe I should. I obtained permanent status as I have 3 years of continous federal service, but unsure if that will help me land this position. I think I will reach out the recruiter. I'll let you know what she says!


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It doesn't hurt to call, but if their announcement prefers you to have your License, then I would wait.

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You could certainly apply within a month before graduation due to the length of the application process and there appropriate places to mark in the paperwork that you are an expected graduate.

just received notification that I met the requirements and my information has been "forwarded" (two separate positions)... i remain cautiously hopeful

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That's exciting news Isitpossible! Have you worked yet as a RN or would that be your first RN job?

enthused!! ive have worked as a RN - not quite one year t though!! (long term care and psych) im just praying that my fours years time with the VA will count for something!! lol... i am excited at the possibility but will stay guarded, so im not too disappointed if it doesnt happen. some RNS i currently work with told they tried for YEARS to get in the VA, and could not... so it makes me nervous, and these RNs have a ton of experience!!!