New grads how did you land a job?

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I'm a new graduate nurse (still dont have the license but I'm scheduled for the NCLEX in the mid of August) and I was wondering how did the new grads found their jobs or any nurse for that matter? Did you walk in to the health care facility and spoke to the nursing manager or you applied online? I have applied online to a few places with no success yet,nothing major yet since I'm more somewhat concern about passing the NCLEX and do I even stand a chance to get a job since I dont have a license behind my belt,thanks...

I started applying before I graduated and kept my options open. I figured the early bird catches the worm and I did. I haven't taken my nclex yet because my school just sent the paper work last week, but my job is hiring me on as a GN so they understand the situation. Keep searching diligently, I found that job fairs in my area was a waste of time. But I kept looking and found the perfect job.

I'm a new grad as well. I waited 6 weeks to take my boards following graduation. I recommend taking them ASAP. I applied online for my job. However, it has been tough finding jobs. One of my nursing friends actually just accepted an RN position through the hospital's open house. Best of luck!

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