New grads: Any difficulties landing a position in O.R


Hi... I was wondering with all the attention surrounding ADN nurses getting there BSN have any of the ADN nurses found it difficult to land a position in a specialty are such as the O.R? I have work both in the or and the floor as a tech, and have my eyes set on perhaps becoming a or nurse post graduation. Also, I have been reading so many horror stories about floor nursing and wanted to get feedback regarding that as well. Thanks a bunch!


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Most hospitals are going to prefer their employees to have a BSN, but it shouldn't stop you from getting a job. Did you like the hospital where you worked in the OR as a tech? Try getting a nursing position there. They already know you so they would probably be more likely to hire you as a circulator than just anyone off the street.

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I graduated in Dec. 2010 from an ADN program and have found it very difficult to even land an interview for an OR position. Most of the hospitals in my area only want to hire BSN grads so as a ADN grad I took the only thing that was offered. I am hoping that once I have made some connections at my current employer and show my abilities as a nurse that I can manage to transfer or cross train into Day Surgery or the OR.


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I graduated this May (2011) from an ADN program and was offered an O.R. position at two separate hospitals. You can do it! Good luck! :nurse:


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I graduated May 2010 from an ADN program and was finally offered 2 OR positions. They wanted a year of experience before I applied.


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I guess it is depends on where you located.

I live in Southern CA and have been working for one of the biggest health organization in the nation and it was IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A JOB AS a Nurse!!!

I have MSN, years of hands-on experience and know number of managers and higher ups including MDs (with good relationship). Our organization has very strong union and even managers told me that they can't do much because of the union's policy and agreements for the 'requirements' for their position.

Long story short, I landed on an OR Trainee interview and out of 60 applicants (RNs with flr experiences and what not) now I am one of 6 trainee.

Here is Southern CA, more than 70% of my classmates did not have their first RN job until 6 mo post-graduation. One of my trainee with ADN told me that out of 29, her and only one other friend has a RN job as of May 2011.

Don't give up if it is what you really want. Good luck!!!

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I graduated this May (2011) from an ADN program and was offered an O.R. position at two separate hospitals. You can do it! Good luck! :nurse:

What state are you in? That would NEVER happen in Massachusetts. THat is awesome!:D


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I graduated in October with an ADN and got my dream job in the OR! I started orientation last week! What was difficult for me, wasnt the type of degree I had just trying to get the interview and the hospital only offeres OR internships for nurses a couple of times a year so I had to wait till one was available and build a rapport with HR to get an interview. Bottom line is its doable if you work hard at it:yeah:


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I live in the Midwest (or South depending on who you ask), am a new grad, and got hired on to the OR. There are also 5-6 other new grads orientating with me in the OR as well as 2 travelers, 3 experienced RNs, and a new RN who was previously a scrub tech. We were all hired on at about the same time too. All of us have BSN's and I don't think that's a coincidence especially since my hospital gained magnet status a while back.


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Roobie: I'm in NC. I'm so excited!


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It truly depends on the facility. If you live in a rural area, a community hospital will more than likely hire an ADN trained nurse in any position. My current facility is a large teaching hospital with Magnet status. They won't hire anyone without a BSN, and they only hire new people into the OR (with no experience) twice per year when they offer the PeriOp 101 program through the AORN. At other times, they require OR experience.


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Hi there and good luck to you... I graduated with my ADN in 1December 2010 and was offered an OR job within the month... I did get lucky because the hospital where I now work is growing and has an internship program for OR nurses. I would say the new RNs are about 50% BSN and 50% ADN.