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New grad 30 weeks pregnant and starting on L&D department

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In Canada not only is it illegal to question if an applicant is pregnant...we get a year off to take care of that baby :D! Im in total support of you keeping your job and you should not HAVE to worry. With that said...you still have a probationary period that they can probably find a way to do what they like... just saying.

lorjie specializes in Med/Surg, Psych.

As a young and naive nurse I disclosed in my 2nd interview (which was going GREAT up until that point) that I was pregnant. The entire tone of the interview changed. A few days later the manager told me she didn't want me to "start anything I couldn't finish".... thus I didn't get the job. Their loss.

This attitude is precisely why it is illegal to ask nor require a woman disclose a pregnancy.

Exactly so, because, you know, pregnancy is a communicable disease and speaks poorly of a woman who "allowed" herself to get pregnant in the same years as her managing her career.

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The only thing I have to contribute here is that the OP does have a 90 day period in which the facility can choose not to keep her on, and most places now can do this without cause. As a manager, this is the only thing I can see that may hang her up. As a new grad, she will be in a 12 week or longer orientation, and may not get thru it because of her delivery, and would have to pick up her orientation, or lengthen it, because of maternity leave. Orientation if very expensive and they may not choose to extend, depending on the current climate in the facility or unit. Hopefully all will work itself out with a great outcome for everyone.


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