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New Grad Wants to Leave Job After 3 Months

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Dear Nurse Beth,

Hi! I am a new grad RN with 3 months of experience so far in an acute care setting. For many reasons such as unsafe nursing practices at this hospital as well as my desire to relocate ASAP, I am still trying to apply to other hospitals. My question is, when I am applying for new grad positions (6 months or less of experience), how do I address this in my cover letter? How should I go about the desire to change hospitals without speaking bad about the hospital I am currently at?

Any help is appreciated! I am extremely lost at what to do.

Dear Wants to Change,

Some residency programs will accept you with less than 6 months experience, and some specify no hospital experience. You may not find it easy to land a residency position, but that depends a lot on your area.

You don't need to address your short tenure in your cover letter. If you do land an interview, it's best to say that it wasn't a good fit. You are right to avoid saying anything negative about a previous employer. 

Without knowing the details of your situation, try to stick it out. The first few months of nursing are difficult, and 3 months is too soon to be sure it won't work out. 

If you can make it to one year, you will be far more marketable.

Best wishes in your decision,

Nurse Beth

Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next! 

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