new grad wanting correctional job...I think

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It's not easy right now for new grads to get jobs. I am leaning towards correctional nursing. For those of you in correctional nursing will my prior experience, although not in nursing, help me get a job there?


military-3 yrs

probation officer-4 yrs

I am hoping the experience with this population will give me an edge over the new grad with no prior related experience. What do you think? :uhoh3:

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It certainly could. Depends on facility.

I've wondered about corrections. I've been a paramedic and police officer so I have some skill relevant to working in a prison. The reason I'm actually interested in that area is entirely selfish though. I used to work for the state and liked it. I'm being serious here, but I enjoyed the retirement plan, the holiday leave, and the annual leave.

All that said, I don't know if a hospital emergency department could top that. It probably could. If that's the case I'd rather work there since that's really the only field of clinical nursing that seems interesting to me. I think I'd honestly rather go back to policing than work longterm care, med/surg, or something like that.

I wish you good luck! Honestly it could go either way. Personally I think it would help and not hinder you...but, maybe they want someone they can mold that doesn't already have a mindset or experience with this population. At any rate...Best wishes to you.

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