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I made a huge mistake a couple days ago during my shift. A patient of mine was finishing his second blood transfusion on my night shift. Around midnight I drew blood for an HandH level. Patients lab was stable. Here comes the mistake...I looked over discharging the patient for the night. I was so wrapped up in my patient assignments that I neglected to read up the provider order regarding the patients discharge. The day shift nurse has relayed to me about discharging the patient but I took it as discharge in the morning shift not soon after lab results :/. The order also was placed during day shift so it was buried under other orders from the provider.

My mistake was recognized in the morning and I profusely apologized with tears running down my cheek. I own up to my mistake and understand what action I need to take in order to not miss an order whether from day or night. The charge nurse reassured that she was just as responsible because she didnt pay attention to the charting to recognize the patient needed to be discharged. She repeatedly told me that she thought i was a wonderful nurse and that its ok Im new and will make more mistakes in the future. She told me i was too hypercritical of myself and have seen how great I am with patient care. The patient did not die on my shift, all my patients are alive, and the patients lab results werent avaulable until 2am.

However, I just cannot help but to feel horrible. Everyone is saying Im doing a good job but i dont believe it myself. So for this to happen, makes me start doubting myself. By the way this is my 7th day by myself off orientation. I just needed to vent, thanks to whomever is reading.


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I could so see myself doing this too. Mistakes suck...even though in the grand scheme of things, your patient was doing well and receiving great care from you, I can definitely underdsand a mistake being all you can think about. But on the bright side, you'll probably never forget to review orders again, which means hopefully you won't miss something really critical to the patient's health in the future.

Hoping the rest of this week is better for you!


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I'm going to lighten the mood by saying this: the patient was probably glad to get to sleep and not have to discharge at 2 am. I mean it's all about the patient and I'd be so mad if someone woke me up to tell me to go home at 2am.