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I graduated in August 2013 while I was pregnant with my first child. I decided to take 4 months off to stay home with him. I started applying for jobs two months ago without any success. I had a call from a hospital today for a residency program and they wanted to know why I hasn't been working since graduating. I explained to them that I wanted to stay home with my son. I thought it was the right decision to stay home, but now I am wondering if if is the reason that I am not getting job offers. If anyone has any advice or has been in my place I would really appreciate some help. Thank you!

I wouldn't state that you have a son. I would just say that you haven't found the right fit yet. Point out that it is difficult for new grads to find jobs. It took me a year to land a job after I passed nclex so I was a stay at home mom for 12 months. I just think even though it's the law to not discriminate over things like kids that jobs totally do. Guess what? The new grad job I landed I am with all single girls who have no kids. Even though my little one is my life I never mentioned her as a reason why I hadn't been working. Frankly, I didn't mention her at all in my interview. Just my two cents.

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Great advice ^^^^^. NEVER volunteer any personal information to a prospective employer. FLSA (Federal Law) prohibits them from asking these types of questions, but when you volunteer the information, you have opened the door - so they can then pursue the conversation.

Okay thank you for the advice. Before now I didn't realize that having a baby could hurt your chances but I guess if they have to choose between me and another single girl then they'd probably choose the single girl :/ well now I know. So when they ask about why I haven't been working since graduation I should state that I haven't found the right fit yet?

I took a year off doing other stuff after I graduated nursing school and passing the NCLEX and managed to find a job right away (not a hospital). I was up front with the interviewer and told them why I took off (family obligations, work related) so I really think it depends on the employer.

My suggestion to you if you have only been applying to hospitals (and others who may not have found work in many months) would be to look outside of hospitals for work. Try LTC, doctor's offices, urgent care facilities, home care, methadone clinics, jails etc. These jobs can become your stepping stones to better things.

It could also be the area that you live in (ex a large city or town with nursing programs), even if you have tried to apply to all kinds of positions it could be saturated with competing new grads. I've had to relocate for the job I have now and I don't regret it because even though it is not hospital work, I am getting a lot of experience with treatments and documenting, and the pay is competitive for the area to boot.

Thank you for the replies and free great advice!

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