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I am most likely going to be hired onto a cardiac telemetry unit when I grdauate in 2 months. My stethoscope has problems picking up faint heart sounds, so I'm going to ask for a new one as a gift. What should I ask for (I really dont know what's good out there).

Also, any tips at all from tele nurses about starting out ona tele floor??? :rolleyes:

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I'm a new grad that just started working on a telemetry floor. I use a Littman Master Cardiology and I like it. But I'm sure there are many other steth's that work just as well and for less money. I originally got mine so that I could hear things while bouncing down the road in the back of an ambulance.

As for tips for starting out on a tele floor:

Study up on your cardiac drugs (beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, etc.)

Start reviewing EKG's (most likely your hospital will have you take a tele class)

Be prepared for anything. My unit is a cardiac telemetry/isolation unit and I see all kinds of patients including lots of psych patients lately.

Good luck!!!!!!!!


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I have been on a cardiac telemetry unit for 2 yrs now, straight out of school and I bought a Lithman Cardiology III. I love it, I can hear so much better than when I had my lightweight one in school. Also you can hear better with soft earpeices and short tubing. Make sure you engrave your name in it b/c people will steal it!


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I also have the Littman cardiology III, and I love it too. :up:

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Get the Littman Cardio III. I have one and I love it. I also am a new grad on a tele unit. My advice is similar to the others who replied. Know your drugs. Always check your b/p and apicals before giving an antihypertensive med.



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HI New grad;

I am a seasoned RN with 26 years of critical care experience and the best stethscope I ever used and purchased on my own is a CardioSonic Promoted by SRS Company out of Napa CA. I have the old invoice dating back to 1982 so they may not be around but the phone number is 707-255-6100. I love the scope I heard geat lung sounds and pick up friction rubs,S3 very easily with it. It is also listed as a C-1000 Plated Body and Duraclear Diaphragm.

Good Luck


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The original post is over 2 years old.


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The original post is over 2 years old.

I quess I should have been more careful in reading your bio I just registered so hopefully I am not replying to a bunch of bitter old angry gals!!!

I was a new grad once and only offer my experience as a curteosy not as criticism...chill.


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