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hi,,well as we all know and now i do also it is hard to get a job with no past experience.

Ive tried evrywhere,,hospitals,LTC,Dialysis Centers,Clinics.

Ive had past interview and with no luck but i recently had an interview with centro med clinic in san antonio,tx

it was a pretty straight forward interview..I gave my resume she asked me to tell her about myself and she began asking me to say yes or no to answers such as have i checked BS, BP, given infants shots, etc. etc.

and asked me when was i available and what was the lowest amount of money i would take and she also wanted a copy of my SS card, LVN license, HS Diploma,CPR card, and DL. She began talking to me of the duties i would be doing but she would say, "This is what ull do" and so on and so forth and gave me a tour and where i would be located within the facility. Also introduced me to some workers.

She then said i just need to check your references and will give you a call right after. That was last thursday. I talked to her today being that i have not heard back.

She said she had been real busy and had not had time to check my references but as soon as she does she will call me right away and then stated "Dont worry I have not forgotten about you"

so im hoping this means she wants to hire me what do you guys think??? our

The hours are great! Benefits too....

Hope to hear back soon...

I hope you hear back about this job soon too. There are so many factors in play during job hunting in times like these that it's impossible to say just what is happening with your application and reference checks. Who knows how many applications there were for that one position, and how many great applicants, references, etc., to be checked out. Don't hound this person, as it's hardly fair to put her on the spot. It can be as difficult on her end of this as it is on yours. Be patient.

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Yea, I was told that I was "excellent" by the NM and given to tour, expectations, even how many uniforms would be prived to start off. That was last Thursday and I called HR this morning for an update...and well, they interviewed 3 other people and still havent made a decision. I was told to call back next Tuesday if I haven't heard anything by then...waiting sucks but I know I impressed them in every way I could (resume, my suit, my answers to questions, etc) but I cant help but thinking one of those candidates may have experience or something like that, where I have none...Im trying to be patient and am hoping for the best as i know you are but I suggest that you keep applying and looking for work/interviews, just in case it falls through

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Hi New Grad,

I know this isn't going to pay any bills, but have you tried to volunteer at a free clinic.

Now before you dismiss this, just hear me out. I'm a RN of 4 years and thought I was safe until my LTAC unit

got flushed in 2009. 200 people out looking.

It is that bad right now, but just to stay current with my skills and give a little something back, I decided

to volunteer at this free clinic in June of 2010!

It's been my experience right now that most hospitals today are looking for people with 1 yr current

hospital experience. Now you cannot FIB about the places you have worked, because

you'll get caught; however, you can FIB about your experience at a workplace.

What I did was ask the Director of the Clinic for references and also ask her NOT to mention

anything about the clinic being free or that I was volunteering. I expanded my experiences to sound as if I

was working in a hospital type setting. Long story short, I'am working with 4 different traveling agencies now.

I don't know, maybe I caught a lucky break. Give it try and good luck.

Finding a job is difficult, but it sounds like this latest interview looks good! I wish you the best of luck and all I can say is to have faith and don't give up!

I got the call that she checked my references and she really likes me but she offered the position i applied for to someone else that had done that job before but she is going to talk to her boss and open up a position especially for me..

She told me it could be as early as this upcoming week but if i dont hear back by wednesday to call her on friday.

she also said she thinks i will really like it at centro med and they do not usually accept new graduates but she will train me herself not anyone else and show me the computer program they use and all.

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