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I will be moving to the city August 1,2011 what wage should a new nurse ( entry into practice masters degree with a bachelors in psych) expect in the city? I'm trying to figure out what is affordable rent wise and it's difficult without knowing a general salary range.

Thank you for any help offered! :)

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Salary? Last I checked, most entry-level nurses worked hourly.

I have an entry-level masters. My base rate is the same as any new RN at my hospital - $26/hr. I work nights, so during 2nd shift I earn a $4/hr differential and a $5/hr differential during 3rd shift. Before taxes, I make north of $50k/yr. However, then there's the taxes and student loans...


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Thanks. I don't think the sarcasm was necessary, I realize that nurses get paid hourly. I just wanted a general range for yearly, which you gave me once you added up all your hourly wages. Thank you or the reference range.


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I would honestly move to the suburbs...The safe and nice places to live in Chicago have CRAZY rent a 1 bedroom for 1300 in Lincoln Park...You can find something a little cheaper farther North or West..but it wont be MUCH cheaper.You can make more and have cheaper rent in the burbs and be a little safer if u are a single woman..With east access to the City via the Metra train...Anyways Most of my friends average 28 in the city and 32 in the suburbs..and u can easily find a 2 bedroom for 800 in most of the suburbs.


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Thank you so much for your reply! We actually found somethin affordable in lakeview. My husband will have to travel downtown so we wanted to stay close to the city :) I appreciate you letting me know what to expect with rent and hourly rate! It's been helpful!


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50K is pretty spot on for the new grad jobs city wide.


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Does anyone know or can share their experience on what is the average pay for a new grad RN going into a hospital here in Chicago? I had an interview with a hospital here in Chicago and at the end of the interview they asked me for my pay requirement. I am not sure what is the average pay for a new grad now in 2013. Any help is appreciated!!

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Ok Thank you for your reply :)!


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26$ for new grad in hospital


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OK Thank you :)