New Grad starting in PEDS at a University hospital In Maryland


i just graduated this may and i am starting a new job this july on a general peds floor at a large university in maryland. i am really exicted because peds is the area i really wanted? any suggestions, pointers, books, etc.., you can recommend. it would be so helpful. i am excited and horrified at the same time...


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I'm only starting my nursing program this fall, but I wanted to congratulate you on your graduation and your new job. It sounds exciting. I'm looking also towards Peds, hoping to get a position at a Children's Hospital close by.

Congrats again :balloons:



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Congratulations!!! :balloons:

I was about to post the same thing! I just finished classes today and I will graduate next week. I'm starting in peds and newborns and I wanted some pointers.




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HI Natalie


I just graduated in May also and I am interested in Peds. I applied to UMMS how did you ever get them to call you back. Did you go there and apply?


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I worked with adults as a student... changing to kids as a GN was a little difficult for me. Watch how those around you act around the kids. Have a little fun with your job every once in a while. When things get tough (sad cases, losses) make sure you find an outlet to channel that energy into. If you have small children yourself, you might be more effected by things than others.

Always listen to the parents. If they say something is wrong, 99% of the time, it is.

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